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what i wore: wedding guest

what i wore: wedding guest

All summer, I knew that I had a wedding to go to at the end of August. For some reason, I had in my head that I needed a new dress for said wedding. What is it about special events that makes us think we need something new?  I kept my eyes out all summer for something appropriate, but nothing presented itself. A few days before the wedding, I realized that I actually already had a new dress that I hadn't even worn yet - a purchase from Zara during my birthday month shopping

st louis personal shopper

Because I'd mentally categorized this dress as just something for nights out and because I'd gotten stuck in this "I need a dress specifically for that wedding" mentality, I hadn't really paid enough attention to what I already owned that could be used for other purposes. I don't know if this is making sense, but it's all just to say that it's important to keep an open mind about everything in your closet.


However I worked my way around to the solution, I ended up happy with my outfit. The H&M metallic belt made a reappearance, as did the B. Makowsky shoes from Marshall's. In all, this outfit actually only cost about $75, not bad. I will add that this was an evening wedding in a downtown hotel - this look wouldn't have really been appropriate for an outdoor garden wedding (but I bet I have something in my closet that would be, if I just looked!) One last thought - before I had a blog, I could wear an outfit multiple times with different groups of people and no one would be the wiser - if you see this one again in person, just pretend you haven't before ;)

Have you ever realized you already had what you needed for a special occasion? 


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pinterest strikes again

pinterest strikes again

Last Friday, I attended the St. Louis Fashion Blogger Award nominations, hosted by ALIVE magazine at Craft Alliance in Grand Center.  Looking for a little sartorial inspiration, I jumped on Pinterest and saw this image on my style board:

image: Kaufman Franco Resort 2014 via

image: Kaufman Franco Resort 2014 via

It reminded me that I actually hadn't worn my metallic belt that I was so excited about since May (here). I decided to try it with white instead of black and paired it with a thrifted Forever 21 peplum top, H&M pencil skirt and thrifted sandals.

dacy gillespie st louis personal shopper.png

And guess what? I was nominated for "Best Writing" and "Best Fashion Blog"! Thanks to the people who nominated me (whoever you are!) - I was so surprised.  It was also nice to meet many of my fellow fashion bloggers (like Pysche, Julia, Lindsay, Sarah, Marisa, and Samantha) in person for the first time - they are all such sweet, friendly girls. 


 (self portrait by my photographer for the evening)


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