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blue skies please

blue skies please

I honestly can't believe I can't find a photo of myself wearing this top pre-pregnancy, but it was a favorite purchase last summer. It's Michael Kors, found at Marshall's.

I was delighted that it works equally well with an 8-months along belly. I wore it out for my most recent blogger get-together (with Liz @ Will There Be Cake, Sara @ Running from the Law, Jessica @ I Want Adventure, Alyssa @ My Husband's Watching TV While I'm Watching the Baby, me, Lindsay @ Itz Linz, and Liz @ Ellie & Addie). We went to Time for Dinner and made a bunch of freezer meals - a place I'll probably get to know even better in the months following the baby's arrival - and then to a delicious dinner at Katie's Pizza and Pasta.

I'm also wearing thrifted jeans, thrifted Old Navy ballet flats, sunglasses from Buffalo Exchange, and my favorite necklace of all time - found at the St. Louis Symphony's Gypsy Caravan flea market.

gypsy caravan flea market jewelry

If you haven't been to Gypsy Caravan, you have to go. It's always during Memorial Day weekend, which means I'll probably miss it this year. I always find the best vintage jewelry there, but it has a huge selection of vendors - antiques, handcrafted items, clothing, etc. If you go, either get the early bird tickets or go right when it opens to avoid the crowds and find the best stuff. Plus, it benefits the St. Louis Symphony, an organization near and dear to my heart. The St. Louis Symphony Volunteers, who run the Gypsy Caravan, are some of the most dedicated and generous people in our community.

Have you been to Gypsy Caravan?

june clothing budget

june clothing budget

In April and May, I felt a little gluttonous in terms of my shopping. I stayed within my budget ($200/month), but just felt as though I was buying a lot. I gave it a bit of a rest in June.  

Here's what I bought (from top left): two necklaces from Goodwill: $4.50 total; Michael Kors shibori tie-dye caftan top: $30 at TJ Maxx; necklace $6 at Savers; Michael Kors beaded maxi dress $50 secondhand at Women's Closet Exchange; necklace $7 at J.C.Penney. You guys know that I could pretty much wear only black, denim, and cool necklaces for the rest of my life, so I was excited about these thrifty finds. I also spent $49.50 on underwear and sleepwear (exciting, I know), for a grand total of $147. If you don't count the underwear (which, really, it's so not fun!), it was only $97.50! I'm really itching to invest in some quality pieces soon, so it's good that I stayed under budget to give me a bit more next month.


Of course, as always, there were a few try-and-returns. Next month is my birthday month and I am going to splurge a little on a gift for myself (subsidized by the husband), so I ordered this pouchette from Loeffler Randall and this Vince shift dress from Ebay. The pouchette was gorgeous, but I wanted something to use everyday and the snakeskin was a little too delicate. I still want this Vince dress, but it's sold out everywhere and the one I ordered from Ebay was too small. The hunt continues!

Check out Franziska's budget (my inspiration for this series), as well as the rest of the budgeting bloggers here

Here are my May and April budget posts. 

How did you do? 


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style search: low wedge

As I mentioned earlier this week, I've had knee issues off and on for my entire adult life. I could tell you all the physical reasons why, but no one’s really that interested. Unfortunately for me, it makes my shoe choices difficult. I adore high heels, but they are hard to wear for very long, and completely flat shoes put strain on my shins. I know, very first world problems. I’ve been looking for a pair of shoes that I could wear to work, go with everything, are professional, cute, not too grandma, and ok for my knees.

This pair completely fit the bill. I. love. them. so. much.  Not only that, my husband said these reminded him of a pair of snakeskin pumps he bought me years ago (yes, he buys me accessories I love without guidance. Sorry, ladies, he's taken). Unfortunately, the toe opening feels like a razor on the top of my big toe. I tried and tried to justify them, but they’re going back. Sadface.

(PS I tweeted about this over the weekend, but am really disappointed that doesn't have free return shipping. It's going to cost me money just for trying these on. Really wish I had done my homework first, and probably won't be using 6pm again)

These are on their way to me as we speak, but not too psyched about the price...I've added sale alerts for them on every site I can.