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So, I'm at a really awkward age. Not the teeth grinding awkwardness of puberty or the "did I really do that?" awkwardness of the early twenties, but the awkwardness of "I've lived through that trend already, do I wear it again?" Yep, things I wore in high school and college are back. I mean, I know the 90's have already hit vintage status, and I definitely did do grunge the first time around too, but these feel more recent. Some trends I don't have a desire to do (off-the-shoulder-blouses), some I might (culottes), and there's one I'm pretty into (again): the mule. Yep, the sandal of the early 2000's and my college years (wait, who am I kidding, I graduated college in 2000) is back. Pretty much in the same incarnation too. Oh well, I liked it then and I like it now. Here are a few pairs I'm eyeing. 

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Clockwise from top left (and if you want to get picky about it, the ones with a back strap technically aren't a mule...): Lucky Brand Lisza, Steve Madden Nonstp, Vince Tilda, Madewell Marie, Dolce Vita Tegan, Toms Mallorca, Steve Madden Nollla

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