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bare legs in february

bare legs in february's been a minute. Looks like I haven't blogged for about six weeks! January was insanely busy, with everyone who received gift certificates for Christmas wanting to schedule right away. In February, I was so grateful to have the chance to tag along on a trip to Spain with mr. mindful closet (see my travel packing tips here). We've still been working on finding the best balance for our family between childcare and work. In the fall, we started our son in full time preschool, and though it was nice to have time to put into mindful closet, it felt like too much time apart for everyone. We decided to drop down to only three days of childcare/preschool a week, so there's been a bit more momming and a bit less working happening lately. It feels right (right now), but as we've learned, what works is constantly changing. Frustrating for a planner like me, but good for working on my flexibility and patience. 

mindful closet: dress and boots

Hasn't this weather been crazy? And by crazy, I mean crazy good. It's so easy to just throw on a dress and boots and walk out the door without even a jacket. I've always wanted to live in California, so if I can just keep getting California's weather in St. Louis, I'll take it!

I bought this dress about four years ago at a consignment shop for about $40, and it's earned its keep for sure. Made of tencel, it doesn't wrinkle, and looks nicer than cotton. Easy to dress up or down, with a scarf or without, with sandals or boots. It's one of my go-to items for trip packing as well. Since I've had it so long, I was shocked to find it still available on Zappos - check it out. My necklace is old from Need Supply, but here's a similar version on Etsy, and my boots are Blondo.

Have you been enjoying summer in February? 

mindful closet st louis personal stylist

(photos by Celeste Boyer)

pregnant in heels

pregnant in heels

Usually, if I need a chic, easy outfit, I will throw on something simple and then put on a great pair of heels. I immediately feel "dressed" and confident.

The same day that I had an event to attend (the Saint Louis Fashion Week Kickoff Party - do you have your tickets for Fashion Week yet?), I made a quick stop into a Goodwill and found both this top and these shoes. The top was actually a wrap top, which wasn't going to wrap anything on me, so I cut off the ties and sewed down the raw edges. The shoes - well, I had been coveting them for a while, but had been trying to save my usual clothing budget for upcoming baby stuff. They're from Sam & Libby from Target, originally retailed at $40, now currently on sale on Target's website for $32, and I paid $8 at Goodwill! How could I resist?!

Thrifted top, Need Supply necklace, thrifted Indigo Blue maternity jeans, thrifted Target Sam & Libby  shoes

Thrifted top, Need Supply necklace, thrifted Indigo Blue maternity jeans, thrifted Target Sam & Libby shoes

So, long story short, I felt awesome - for about 45 minutes. Luckily, I found a parking spot right outside the venue and could only stay for said 45 minutes, so I made it, but my back was not happy the next day. One pitfall of late pregnancy. However, I freakin' love these shoes and they'll be back in the rotation soon.

For the next 4-6 weeks, I'll be sticking to flats...