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packing for summer travel: part deux

packing for summer travel: part deux

Since I only brought a few articles of clothing for a 5 day trip, I repeated myself often, which doesn't bother me since you rarely see the same people day after day when you're not at home. 

First of all, how amazing is that view? I sincerely did not want to come home. I wore this outfit two days in a row and it was perfect for a variety of activities including visiting a seal rehabilitation center, lunch with family, walking on the beach, shopping at a high end mall and shopping at thrift stores.

I bought this top at Buffalo Exchange in Costa Mesa, it's from Forever 21 and still had the tags on. I like it because it doesn't seem too trendy or cheap. I wore it with my Baublebar necklace, thrifted jeans, and Dr. Scholls sandals for grabbing a burger and walking around downtown Laguna Beach.

with mr. mindful closet ;)

Finally, here's what I wore in the airport - multiple layers since you can go from being burning up to freezing at any point on a plane.

packing for summer travel

packing for summer travel

Inspired by Lauren at Seventeenth and Irving,'s packing prowess I thought I'd document what I packed for a quick trip out to California over Memorial Day weekend. We rented an amazing apartment in Laguna Beach with a view of the ocean through VRBO.

From top left: thrifted jeans, Gap maxidress, Gap trench, H&M tee, Old Navy tee, Vince leggings. (There are three things I neglected to photograph: the scarf, cardigan, and boots worn on the plane.)

Along with those base pieces, I brought these accessories and special event items. From top left: Converse, my outfit for the wedding I was attending, Need Supply necklace and Baublebar necklace, thrifted cross body bag, Longchamps tote for the airport and the beach, Target swimsuit, Jeffrey Campbell shoes bought secondhand, Dr. Scholls sandals.

From top right: the first layer of rolled clothing, my carryon bag, and the final layer.

This is what I wore out to dinner the night we got in.

And this is what I wore for a day of exploring Laguna Beach. Up next: a few photos of me actually in the clothes!

traveling: family trip

This week I'm visiting my family.  I'm driving 12 hours to get there, and then I'll just be hanging out and having baby-time with my nieces. Clothing requirements: comfy, no need for dressy.  Weather: early spring, still a bit of chill in the air. Here's what I packed.

From this, I have lots of options.


As an aside, can anyone recommend a good photo collage program that won't resize the photos?