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exceptions to the rule

exceptions to the rule

In general, my philosophy is that if there is anything, any little thing, that bothers you about a garment, you shouldn't buy it. The reasoning is that those little things will never go away and will keep you from reaching for that item when you go to get dressed. Therefore, it ends up never being worn, and you'd have been better off not buying it in the first place. But...every once in a while, there's an exception to the rule. 

parker trey print blouse nordstrom

I would be my own worst client, because I'm super picky about what I like. I shop a lot and buy little. When I ordered this Parker blouse from Nordstrom, I was hoping it would meet all my criteria. It did...except. It didn't stay in place. The shirt slips back so that the low v-neck ends up at my adam's apple, and the hem shows my tummy. Not good. But I loved it! I love the print and the shape. I love that it can be layered for cooler weather, but is breezy for warm weather. I love that I can wear it with my favorite black pants for a dressier look or with boyfriend jeans for a casual look. I love that it's silk but not too delicate for wearing around a one-year-old.
I even asked for advice on Instagram

mindful closet saint louis personal stylist

I finally decided that my love for this top would override the rule. I'll always have to wear a camisole, and pin the blouse to the camisole so that it can't slip up. I can also use fashion tape for times when I don't want to wear a camisole. It's not the most elegant solution, but to me, it's worth it for a piece that I'll wear again and again.
What do you think? Should I have stuck to my guns?

P.S. These are my absolute favorite camisoles. They are silky, so nothing clings to them, long enough so they don't ride up, and affordable. Oh! And they have adjustable shoulder straps, which are the best!

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My love for leopard shows no signs of abating. I have to consciously resist adding to my collection. This scarf is one of those faux fur loop through type deals that were really popular a couple of years ago and I love finding new ways to wear it.

mindful closet leopard stripes

When it's as cold as it's been here in St. Louis, I go ahead and make a scarf a permanent part of my outfit, not to be removed with my coat. This leather jacket was also worn all day. They kept me warm! I fashioned a cowl out of my scarf and pinned the ends so they'd stay in place. I often will also pin this scarf to a jacket as a makeshift faux fur collar.


I paired my scarf with a thrifted striped tee, very old leather jacket from Banana Republic, Franco Sarto suede booties, and Paige jeans, which are the one pair of non-maternity jeans I'm still able to wear! So exciting.

How are all of you dealing with the cold?

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