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best moment of fashion month

best moment of fashion month

While there's a lot going on in life and at Saint Louis Fashion Week, I'm still trying to keep up on what's going on around the world, since Fashion "Month" is still going on. The most amazing thing happened a few days ago at Paris Fashion Week. 

credit: AP Photo/Zacharie Scheurer

Rick Owens presented his Spring 2014 collection with the help of four American step teams. It was the most amazing piece of performance art and an innovative way to show the clothes, but as you might have heard, high fashion is not always the most inclusive of different skin and body types. To show his clothes on so-called "real" women, a diverse group of women, is pretty much completely unheard of. There have been designers here and there who've showed one look during a show on a plus-sized model, but a gorgeous, tall, size 10 model still isn't too representative of the real world. This was beyond. Plus, it was just so f'ing cool. 

I have always been a fan of Owens' dark, edgy, minimalist, drapy clothes (I'd die to own one of his leather jackets). Other designers should learn from the lesson that showing them on these women takes nothing away from the look. A few favorites: 

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To get more of the story behind the show, read Vogue's review here, and if you have 11 minutes, you should really watch the video. Check out the person in the audience at the end of the video on the left side of the screen who's jumping up and down and pumping their fists. That's how I felt too. 



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