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exceptions to the rule

exceptions to the rule

In general, my philosophy is that if there is anything, any little thing, that bothers you about a garment, you shouldn't buy it. The reasoning is that those little things will never go away and will keep you from reaching for that item when you go to get dressed. Therefore, it ends up never being worn, and you'd have been better off not buying it in the first place. But...every once in a while, there's an exception to the rule. 

parker trey print blouse nordstrom

I would be my own worst client, because I'm super picky about what I like. I shop a lot and buy little. When I ordered this Parker blouse from Nordstrom, I was hoping it would meet all my criteria. It did...except. It didn't stay in place. The shirt slips back so that the low v-neck ends up at my adam's apple, and the hem shows my tummy. Not good. But I loved it! I love the print and the shape. I love that it can be layered for cooler weather, but is breezy for warm weather. I love that I can wear it with my favorite black pants for a dressier look or with boyfriend jeans for a casual look. I love that it's silk but not too delicate for wearing around a one-year-old.
I even asked for advice on Instagram

mindful closet saint louis personal stylist

I finally decided that my love for this top would override the rule. I'll always have to wear a camisole, and pin the blouse to the camisole so that it can't slip up. I can also use fashion tape for times when I don't want to wear a camisole. It's not the most elegant solution, but to me, it's worth it for a piece that I'll wear again and again.
What do you think? Should I have stuck to my guns?

P.S. These are my absolute favorite camisoles. They are silky, so nothing clings to them, long enough so they don't ride up, and affordable. Oh! And they have adjustable shoulder straps, which are the best!

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september clothing budget

september clothing budget

This month's shopping was about filling holes or replacing favorites that were past their prime.  Here's what I bought (clockwise from left):

1) A black A-line shift dress is a piece that never goes out of style, is flattering on most body types, and can work easily for multiple types of occasions. I have/had two: one with three-quarter sleeves from H&M and a sleeveless one from Uniqlo, and they were both getting worn to the point of embarassment. I decided to splurge a little bit on this dress to replace those - Diane von Furstenberg at half off via the Outnet. I'll have it forever. ($175)

2) Everyone needs a fun party dress, and I definitely needed something to spice up my wardrobe a little. Since I mostly seem to be dressed way up or way down these days, this was a good buy for me. It's already made its debut, and prepare to see it at lots of holiday parties IRL. This Parker dress was a find from my new favorite consignment store Byrd. ($80)

3) This white top from JC Penney was probably actually the least necessary of the three items, but after seeing it on fellow St. Louis fashion blogger Pysche with a great statement necklace, I was hooked. Tops like this come in so handy for client meetings or for volunteering at Dress for Success, where I need to look put together, but not necessarily totally business-y. I've also had the photo below (of Ann Fulenwider, editor of Marie Claire, pardon the scan from a magazine page) saved in my inspiration files for a while now, and this is the perfect top to recreate this look. Isn't it amazing how three simple pieces like a white top, black pants, and a beautiful necklace can look so sophisticated?


ann fulenwider.pdf.png

My total this month was $280, a little over my budget like last month, but I'm hoping things will get balanced out over the next few months as I revert back to my winter wardrobe, which should be pretty well set. How do you think I did? Check out all of the other budgeting bloggers on Franish!


st. louis fashion blog awards!

st. louis fashion blog awards!

Reason #1 I'm a terrible blogger - I'm just now getting around to writing about the St. Louis Fashion Blogger Awards, which were last Thursday! I was definitely really excited about this event, it's pretty cool when a bunch of people who love the same (somewhat obscure) thing get together in a room. In addition to bringing my hubby, I was able to give away two tickets on my blog, which led to my first use of Rafflecopter - I didn't screw that up, so I was happy. Three whole people entered ;) and Alyssa won the tickets, but couldn't get away for a second night out in a week (we'd had our blogger dinner on Tuesday), so my friend Ann came with us instead. 


st louis personal stylist

Reason #2 I'm a terrible blogger - I didn't take any dedicated outfit photos! I wanted to wear a faux leather top from Zara I bought over the summer and still have not had a chance to wear. However, it turns out that faux leather is extremely warm and there just wasn't enough of a chill in the air, so I went with the Parker dress I bought recently from Byrd Consignment

st louis personal shopper

All I have to show for the process is this test photo, I guess you'd call it, I took to determine whether or not I should really wear it. Yes, I do this pretty often. Sometimes it's hard to tell how something's going to look just by looking in the mirror. Side note, I often do this with personal styling clients too, they're usually surprised at how good something looks in a photo - something about distancing themselves from their image in the mirror, maybe.

dacy gillespie.png

The event was at Three Sixty in the Hilton at the Ballpark, so amazing views, food, and drink were a given. Christia DeShields, who is just about the sweetest person in the world, did a great job as MC and I finally got to meet her super-adorable husband, Kenny, who often makes appearances on her blog. In the end, I didn't win either of the awards I was nominated for, but was completely fine with it because the girls who did win those (Oh Julia Ann for best writing and Fox & Gypsy for best fashion blog) so completely and totally deserved them. To be honest, I really feel like I am still such a newcomer to this whole world. Go here to see the full list of winners. What a great way to kick off Fashion Week and all the events to come - stay tuned for more!

Join me at Fashion Week - full schedule here, buy tickets here