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mother's day giveaway

mother's day giveaway

This project has been in the works for a while and I'm excited to finally announce it to you! I've partnered with Alecia Hoyt, photographer at XOXO Alice, to bring you an amazing Mother's Day giveaway. We both spend our days helping women feel amazing in their own skin (me, with clothes on, Alecia, with clothes off!) To celebrate Mother’s Day and all of the incredible moms we know, we are offering a complete wardrobe makeover followed up by personal fashion photoshoot with professional hair and makeup. 

I'll be in charge of the wardrobe makeover, which will include multiple sessions:

  • Three hour style diagnosis and closet cleanse 
  • Three hour personal shopping session
  • One hour of personal styling 

Alecia will work with the winner on an awesome, personalized, fashion inspired photoshoot including:

  • Professional hair and makeup
  • Photoshoot to show off your new outfits, approximately 60 minutes
  • 15 fully edited digital images
  • Taking place in one day in her 1400 square foot photography studio in Benton Park

This prize is worth $2000, but we are giving it away to one deserving mom, based on YOUR nominations. We get to help a woman completely transform her life, feel fabulous, and have the photographs to prove it. You get to follow along on her journey and see the transformation!

(photo courtesy of XOXO Alice)

(photo courtesy of XOXO Alice)

Here's what you need to do to nominate someone to win:

  • follow mindful closet and XOXO Alice on Facebook AND Instagram (mindful closetXOXO Alice
  • Email and with your nomination and a photo of the person you're nominating. Make sure to CC both of us on the email!
  • Tell us why she deserves this special treatment. We love a good story. Please attach a photograph of the woman you are nominating, and include her full name, email, phone number, and FB profile link. The nominee MUST be active on Facebook - please include a link to her profile. Keep in mind, she will be required to sign a release to allow us to share her story and photographs - make sure whoever you are nominating is comfortable with that.
  • We will read all of your nominations, narrow down the finalists, and share their images and stories on our social media pages.
  • Deadline to email a nomination is April 22nd, 2016. We will choose the finalists and have them posted for you all the week of April 25th. Final winner will be announced on Mother’s Day!

The fine print:

  • winner must be available to schedule sessions during business hours (M-F, 9-5)
  • winner must agree to release images for use by mindful closet and XOXO Alice
  • cost of clothing purchased during personal shopping session is not included

So get out there and nominate someone! If YOU want to be nominated, make sure to share this post! Good luck!

family photo styling tips + a giveaway

family photo styling tips + a giveaway

It's super sad, but it must be said - summer is coming to an end. Kids are back in school, sweaters are hitting the store shelves, and I'm beginning to strategize about how I'll make it through another winter. For many, it's also time to start thinking about family photos for holiday cards. The important part is booking your photographer, but once you've done that, the panic sets in - what are you going to wear?!

I offer styling for family photos (meaning, I'll come over and pick out coordinating outfits for everyone in your family), but if you need some quick tips to go it alone, here are mine:

1) Start with Pinterest. Always, always, always start with Pinterest. Like any other visual you're trying to create, you need inspiration. You may have picked a photographer because they already have a defined visual style, or your photographer will want to see examples of your favorite images. In either case, you're going to want to gather looks you like, whether on Pinterest, or from magazines or photos. Pull whatever appeals to you for several days, and then go back and review. Is everyone wearing bright colors in all the images you chose? Neutrals? Mostly neutrals with a pop of color? Is the vibe energetic or calming? Do you want everyone to look polished and dressy or casual and comfortable? Make notes of what you're going for. To get ideas, check out my "photo styling" Pinterest board! Here's my most recent family photo - which, as you can probably tell, is completely my/our style! 

mindful closet st. louis family photo styling

(Where did that little baby go?! I want him back! Photo by Celeste Boyer)

2) Lay all your options out on your bed or floor and go to town. Start with one outfit that you know you want to use - maybe it's an adorable kid's outfit you've had picked out for ages. Maybe you only have one option you're comfortable with for yourself and everyone else is going to have to work around that. Using your notes from step one as a guide, pull any options that might work from each family member's closet. Start big and then edit down. Rearrange. Try different combinations. Don't forget about shoes and accessories! For a great run-down of how the process works in person, check out my friend Sara's post about our experience styling her holiday photos on her blog Running from the Law. Here's one of the photos from another session I styled for her.

mindful closet st louis family photo stylist

(Adorable, right??!! Photo by Kristie Cromie of L Photographie)

3) Make sure that your outfits aren't too matchy-matchy. Thanks to layering, it's easy in the fall to get a mixture of textures and patterns like knits, denim, lace, plaid, and stripes. If you are starting with an outfit that has a pattern, pull colors out of it to add a pop to other outfits in a scarf, headband, or underlayer. Stay away logos, brand names, and cartoon characters. This image (below), from a sweet family I styled, is a great example.

saint louis family photo styling

(So cute! Photo by Laura Edwards Gordon)

4) Make sure everyone's comfortable. You aren't going to have an easy time getting a glowing smile out of a child with itchy tights on. Same goes for dads (the comfort, not the tights). When in doubt, as in all things in life, keep it simple. The focus here is on your beautiful family's faces. The outfits shouldn't compete. 

5) Plan ahead. Have a dress rehearsal and have everyone try everything on. Do your initial planning session at least a week before your photos so you have time to grab any last minute replacements. 

Ok, now here's the good part - I've partnered with my friend Jessica from Emma Constance Photography to give away a mini family photo session*! Enter below, and, if you head over to Jess' blog, you can enter to win a styling session from me! So much giveaway!


*Must be scheduled on one of Jessica's available session dates, within the 270 loop, and must be redeemed by the end of 2015. Session is 20 minutes long and you will receive 5 digital images with printing rights.