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i'm a fraud

i'm a fraud

So, here I am, my big thing is buying quality things that you wear over and over, right? And, when I got married, instead of buying a dress that only had one use, I bought a white cocktail dress that I could wear again and again. And I love this dress. I want to wear it all the time. But when I put it on, like I did this year for our fifth anniversary dinner, it feels like too much. Too dressy or too conspicuous, or too bridal. Even though it's not. I just don't feel right in it, not like I did the day I wore it to get married in. Is it because I have it tied to a certain type of event in my mind? Is it really just too dressy for the average nice St. Louis restaurant? Not sure, but I do know that I wouldn't advise anyone else to wear something they didn't feel good in. So this year, like several other times, I've changed out of the dress and into something I felt better in. So maybe I didn't achieve the impossible, a wedding dress that can be reworn. Or maybe it just hasn't been the right time. Either way, best to go with your gut.

mindful closet rewearing your wedding dress

This is what I wore instead, almost all second hand, so at least these items are getting second lives! Dress: InWear via Crossroads Trading Company, The Limited belt (similar), Loeffler Randall bag via Scholar Shop, Nine West shoes via Buffalo Exchange (similar). Much happier. ;)

Have you ever tried to rewear something that just wouldn't work?

to rewear or not to rewear...

to rewear or not to rewear...

I'll never understand why wearing something more than once is considered a faux pas. Maybe retailers came up with that one to boost sales? It's so shocking that anytime a celebrity wears something more than once, it becomes a news story, most recently, when Kate Middleton rewore a lace gown three times. Actually, maybe it's a good thing if it becomes news, since if Kate does it, you certainly can. Who needs more than one formal gown anyway (except, actually, maybe the duchess).  I talked about it a bit in this post about French women's wardrobes, but my philosophy is if you love it, wear it.

This is no Temperley lace gown, but it's my own "love it/wear it" outfit. I bought this H&M dress in November and have worn it at least 4 times since then. Not only that, but I wore it back to back for two events in two days! When something works, why not? It's comfortable and I figured it would be bump-forgiving for a while (I'm 17 weeks in this photo from a couple of weeks ago). Most importantly, I just feel really awesome and "me" in it. The first time I wore it, it felt a little dowdy length-wise, so I hemmed it a good three inches. I couldn't pull this length off without tights, so I made the stitch at the top of the hem and didn't cut the excess fabric out so that I can let it back down if I want.


I thrifted this brass necklace some time ago, but hadn't had the right chance to wear it. Even though the material is tougher, the style just always felt a little too "ladies who lunch", but I liked how it looked with the zebra print. Brass + black and white is my fave.

Do you feel comfortable rewearing things that people have already seen you in? 

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