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vintage boots and skirt for spring

vintage boots and skirt for spring

I love boots and I love warm weather. I get to combine these two loves when it's cool enough to wear boots but warm enough to go without a coat.  Denim skirts showed up all over the runways for Spring 2015, and got me excited to pull out this vintage denim wrap skirt I thrifted years ago. It keep surviving closet purges, so I better wear it!

I found this awesome pair of vintage boots at Savers last fall. They usurped the place of a very similar, less comfortable pair of tall brown boots. No need to keep both. I first paired the skirt and boots with a Theory silk sleeveless blouse, but for some reason wasn't very happy with it (I don't know, looks fine in these pics, right?) I changed into this striped tee before actually leaving the house.
Which version do you like best?



the shirtdress

the shirtdress

This will be the fastest post I've ever written...sorry folks, but sleep will always take precedence over blogging! I'm working on a full post about how to stay stylish while nursing, but for now, photographic evidence will have to suffice.

easy for nursing - the shirtdress

I've already whined about not being able to wear dresses as much as I'd like, but the one exception is dresses with zippers or buttons down the front. I was lucky enough to find this one at Savers and I've worn it just about every time I've ventured out of the house since.

nursing style

Happy Monday! (It is Monday, right?!)

guide to st. louis thrift stores

guide to st. louis thrift stores

I've been meaning to write this post ever since I blogged my tips for thrifting. It's possible that you'd like to check out some thrift stores in St. Louis but just don't know where to go or where to start. Fear no more, here's my guide. However, all thrift stores are not created equal and so I've ranked the level of difficulty of shopping these stores from 1-5 (1=easiest, 5=hardest)


Four locations in the St. Louis area
Best for: clothes, housewares
Level of difficulty: 1 out of 5
Organized by: clothes by type and size

For the thrift store rookie, Savers is a good place to start. These stores are relatively new to St. Louis and they're nice and bright and clean. Clothes are organized by very specific categories (sleeveless shirts, short sleeve knits, short sleeve blouse, etc) and by size within each category. Because of this, there's less sifting you have to do to find your size, however, don't forget that sizing varies so much that a large in one brand and a small in another could both be a fit. I look at all sizes, but I'm hard-core like that. Books and housewares are also pretty current and in good condition. A word of caution: the tradeoff for the store being so user-friendly is the pricing - things are waaay overpriced. If you save up some donations (you know, from cleaning out your closet) you'll get a 25% off coupon, which helps.
Best find: Marc Jacobs dress for $13 (below), $200 Cuisinart grind and brew coffeemaker for $30


dacy gillespie st louis personal shopper

Red Racks

Three locations in St. Louis 
Best for: housewares
Level of difficulty: 2 out of 5
Organized by: clothes by type and size

Like Savers, Red Racks is relatively new to St. Louis and well-organized, if slightly less spiffy. Pricing is decent and there are often 50% off sales - for instance, Labor Day, September 2nd, everything in the store is half off.
Best find: 16-piece midcentury set of dishes for $20

dacy gillespie st louis personal shopper


Multiple locations in the St. Louis area, search for one near you here 
Best for: clothes, shoes, housewares, baby clothes
Level of difficulty: 3 out of 5
Organized by: clothing is only organized by type, not size

There are so many Goodwill stores out there that it's often just the most convenient thrift store to hit regularly. Clothing is relatively current, but the best thing about shopping at Goodwill is their partnership with Target. Goodwill stores are the recipients of donations of unsold clearance merchandise from Target - new, with tags on, often while the same items are still for sale in the store. Recently, I've seen houseware items from the Nate Berkus for Target line and from the designer collaboration Prabul Gurung for Target. When shopping for my nieces, I've seen the same large amounts of baby clothes with tags still on. And if you're understandably a little skeeved out by used shoes, there are also many pairs from Target with tags on. Unfortunately, there's not much furniture in most of these stores (although my best find does happen to be a piece of furniture).
Best find: midcentury modern desk for $25


dacy gillespie st louis personal shopper

Value Village

Three St. Louis locations 
Best for: the occasional vintage find
Level of difficulty: 3.5 out of 5
Organized by: clothing is only organized by type, not size

When I first moved to St. Louis, Value Village was my go-to spot. They always had a good amount of vintage clothes, but either I've gotten more picky, or the supply has dwindled. There's still a huge amount of clothing, so you never know when you'll come across a gem. Oddly, the company that owns Savers is also called Value Village, but since these stores don't show up on the Savers/Value Village site, I guess they're not affiliated.
Best find: Several great vintage dresses

St. Vincent de Paul

Four St. Louis locations 
Best for: furniture
Level of difficulty: 4 out of 5
Organized by: clothes only organized by type

This is a very basic thrift store, hit or miss for the most part. Clothing is pretty dingy and usually not worth the effort. The real reason to hit this store is for the furniture. Just in terms of quantity, there is a huge amount, much more than any other thrift store in town, so the odds are just better of finding something good. 
Best find: our midcentury dining room table, four chairs, and buffet for $200


dacy gillespie st louis personal shopper

Salvation Army

Website's not very helpful, but the location I usually go to is at 4121 Forest Park Ave, St Louis, MO 63108
Best for: the occasional vintage find
Level of difficulty: 4 out of 5
Organized by: clothes only organized by type

The Salvation Army has an ok assortment of everything: housewares, clothes, and furniture. In general, the clothes are just old and nothing special, but there are always a few vintage dresses and blouses tucked amongst the rest of the wares, you just have to search harder to find them. Same with the furniture, every once in a while there are nice mid-century finds, but for the most part it's bad 80's junk.
Best find: Bottega Veneta belt for $1, Diane von Furstenberg dress for $7, Frye boots for $10

Goodwill Outlet
Best for: Housewares and decorative items
Level of difficulty: 5 out of 5
Organized by: absolutely nothing

The Goodwill outlet is not for the faint of heart. Items are piled in large bins and you have to pick through mounds of stuff that was deemed not good enough for a Goodwill store. Many people actually wear gloves, which is honestly not a bad idea. If you're not scared off by all of that, there is no cheaper thrift store - all items are $.79 (yes, seventy-nine CENTS) a pound, except for books and glassware, which are $.39 a pound. If you are in need of mass quantities of mason jars, glasses, dishes or items to repurpose (spray paint, refinish, etc.) this is your place. Also good if you need books as decorative items, there are lots of vintage books with interesting cover designs. There is some furniture, but not much.
Best find: midcentury dresser in rough condition for $6


So, tell me - if you don't normally frequent thrift stores, is this helpful? Have I missed any? Anyone have any secret locations they want to give up?


st. louis thrift finds

Just in case you ever doubted that there's good stuff to be had at thrift stores - this is an assortment of items I saw on one evening at two different stores. None of it was my size, style, or fit my needs, but some cute stuff!

st louis personal shopper thrift finds

At Savers: Target jacket- $3.99, H&M dress - $9.99

collage 3.jpg

At Goodwill: Target clutch - $3, Prabal Garung for Target wedges - $3, Target wedges - both $3 (all new with tags on)

collage 2.jpg

Savers: Express pants - $7.99, Goodwill: H&M tee - $3.00

what i actually wore: marc jacobs via savers

what i actually wore: marc jacobs via savers

A new Savers thrift store opened around the corner from my house at the end of February. Of course, I had to go on the day it opened. Lucky I did, since I just so happened to find a Marc Jacobs dress (to be clear, not Marc by Marc Jacobs, just Marc Jacobs) for $13. Do you hate me? It's ok, I understand if you do.

marc jacobs savers.jpg

It has a great retro vibe, nice defined waist, and cute but subtle black on black floral print. Here's how I recently wore it:

Bruiser was giving art direction

Interesting (and comfy) Sofft shoes.

Interesting (and comfy) Sofft shoes.