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My fashion idol, Sofia Coppola, has a new movie which will show at Cannes this summer:

Mara says "You only have a certain amount of energy each day, so you need to use it carefully". I say don't waste it debating what to wear!

A nice compilation of sophisticated shift dresses over at WhoWhatWear: 

Garance, the queen of streetstyle bloggers, did an interview with Dries Van Noten, one of my favorite designers, and he might be the most down-to-earth person in fashion.

More cute dresses, these from designer Lauren Moffat:

what would sofia wear?

When I'm in doubt about how to get dressed or whether or not I should make a particular purchase, I think WWSW - what would Sofia wear?  Sofia being Sofia Coppola, of course, one of my fashion idols. When I ask this question, the answer is usually something simple, navy or black, classic, stripes, ballet flats, etc. Makes things easy for me. I actually saw her on Lincoln Road one time while I was living in Miami, and she looked as expected - completely chic.