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vintage boots and skirt for spring

vintage boots and skirt for spring

I love boots and I love warm weather. I get to combine these two loves when it's cool enough to wear boots but warm enough to go without a coat.  Denim skirts showed up all over the runways for Spring 2015, and got me excited to pull out this vintage denim wrap skirt I thrifted years ago. It keep surviving closet purges, so I better wear it!

I found this awesome pair of vintage boots at Savers last fall. They usurped the place of a very similar, less comfortable pair of tall brown boots. No need to keep both. I first paired the skirt and boots with a Theory silk sleeveless blouse, but for some reason wasn't very happy with it (I don't know, looks fine in these pics, right?) I changed into this striped tee before actually leaving the house.
Which version do you like best?



stripes forever

stripes forever

I wrote this post before the baby arrived. See end of post for the dress worn post-pregnancy!

The internet was responsible for my buying this dress. Via Mary's post (see below), I saw it on another blogger, and promptly went out to buy it. I really love having a casual summer dress that can be dressed up or down, and I'd worn out all of my previous striped ones, so there was a hole to be filled in my wardrobe. I can't quite believe it, but it's not a maternity dress! Fingers crossed it works post-bump.

A few links to check out:

My friend and client wrote a post about our work together on her business website, St. Louis Birth Rhythms. She specializes in music therapy for pregnancy and birth to relax couples and create positive birth experiences.

I loved Mary's take on dressing for the various stages of pregnancy (including stripes!).

Usually these articles in magazine are all fluff, but this is really great advice on analyzing your wardrobe from Real Simple.


And the dress a few weeks ago on mr. mindful closet and my first hour out
alone - for sushi, of course...

mindful closet st. louis personal stylist



My love for leopard shows no signs of abating. I have to consciously resist adding to my collection. This scarf is one of those faux fur loop through type deals that were really popular a couple of years ago and I love finding new ways to wear it.

mindful closet leopard stripes

When it's as cold as it's been here in St. Louis, I go ahead and make a scarf a permanent part of my outfit, not to be removed with my coat. This leather jacket was also worn all day. They kept me warm! I fashioned a cowl out of my scarf and pinned the ends so they'd stay in place. I often will also pin this scarf to a jacket as a makeshift faux fur collar.


I paired my scarf with a thrifted striped tee, very old leather jacket from Banana Republic, Franco Sarto suede booties, and Paige jeans, which are the one pair of non-maternity jeans I'm still able to wear! So exciting.

How are all of you dealing with the cold?

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posts i read that i loved

Time for another round of posts I read that I loved (thanks again Mindy Kaling
for the title inspiration)! 

How amazing is that closet? Jen over at The Effortless Chic tapped style organizer Lisa Adams for her tips on bringing that glamourous feeling to your closet here.

Design for Mankind is an amazing blog which usually focuses on design, but Erin took some time to write about how clothing can sometimes make us feel bad, and why - here.

You know I'm kindof obsessed with simplifying and Bea over at Zero Waste Home is doing that to an extreme. We can't all reduce what we throw out to almost zilch, but we can enjoy her tips on how to wear a striped shirt (clearly another one of my obsessions) many different ways, in other words, reuse - here
(PS No Impact Man is a good documentary about the same topic.)

Lastly, I so wish I had the motivation to do this DIY via Stripes and Sequins, but alas, I know myself too well. But! This is an awesome necklace, so please, someone, make it!! 

That is all. Happy Monday!

evolution of an outfit (or, how to wear the same jeans five days in a row)

evolution of an outfit (or, how to wear the same jeans five days in a row)

I was editing photos to put together some outfit posts, and I realized that I basically wore the same thing, with little changes from day to day, for a about a week. Hence, the evolution of an outfit. 

To start off with, I'd like to say that often at home, I'm usually in a sundress that I just wear around the house, and only "get dressed"  when I'm going out in public, so it isn't as gross as it sounds to wear the same jeans every day!

Here's how it happened: 

Saturday: wore my H&M top, Madewell necklace, Gap jeans, and leopard flats
out to run some errands. 

what to wear to run errands st louis personal shopper

Must not have been fun errands, I don't look too psyched, do I? While running those errands, I picked up a striped top at Forever 21. Yep, totally not ethical or quality, but I like it and will wear it. A lot. As you'll see.

Sunday:  I dragged my friend Laura out to a fashion show at Chesterfield Mall, but I wasn't feeling super gung-ho about it, so I just grabbed the jeans that were still out in my bedroom and the new striped top.


I dressed them up a bit with these Fergie sandals and did a little necklace layering with one from Old Navy and one from BaubleBar.

how to layer necklaces st louis personal shopper

Still felt like it needed something more and it was an oddly cool night for St. Louis, so I added a Banana Republic leather jacket. I bought this jacket when I was living in NYC 10 years ago (ten years ago?? how is that possible??) and it was expensive to me at the time (I think about $100) because I had NO money, but I am so glad I did.

banana republic leather jacket

Monday: time to go to work. God, this is getting embarassing. I picked up the same jeans and top, and added these BCBG flats with metallic snakeskin detail. 

BCBG black patent leather flats metallic snakeskin detail
denim for work st louis personal shopper


Wednesday: Ok, the jeans are back. But this time with a different striped tee, this one from Ann Taylor LOFT, Converse and a thrifted Old Navy jacket.

casual friday work outfit st louis personal shopper

And that's it. So, what do you guys think? Am I crazy? Have you ever done the same thing? I will say, it probably took me five minutes to get dressed each of these days, so I had more time for a couple of my favorite things:

if you love blogs and coffee too, you can buy this print at

if you love blogs and coffee too, you can buy this print at

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what would sofia wear?

When I'm in doubt about how to get dressed or whether or not I should make a particular purchase, I think WWSW - what would Sofia wear?  Sofia being Sofia Coppola, of course, one of my fashion idols. When I ask this question, the answer is usually something simple, navy or black, classic, stripes, ballet flats, etc. Makes things easy for me. I actually saw her on Lincoln Road one time while I was living in Miami, and she looked as expected - completely chic. 


purchase: ann taylor loft

I may have a problem with striped shirts as evidenced by the photo below. However, they're something I always feel good in - comfortable but not sloppy. 


While I'm visiting family, my sister and I ran out to pick up a few new items of clothing for my mom. FYI, if you're looking for a cheap but well-fitting pair of skinny jeans, there are several good options at Old Navy. We got my mom this pair and they fit her perfectly.

While we were in Ann Taylor LOFT, I saw this top. Yes, I have a lot of striped tops, but they actually do get worn out, and besides, I've gotten rid of a couple of the ones in the photo above. This one is made from a thick fabric with a bit of structure. In the store, it was on sale for $24.99, with an additional 40% off, so it came in at around $15. Not bad!