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summer wardrobe updates

summer wardrobe updates

Oh hey there - it's an outfit post! To be honest, outfit posts don't really seem too inspiring to me these days. You've all seen most of my clothes and you know I prefer to repeat things and wear a lot of black, so there's nothing earth-shattering going on there. Even though this post is old, I just came across it, and I pretty much feel the same way. I've stopped reading most of the fashion blogs I used to read, because it's so apparent that the bloggers are wearing a new outfit every day that they didn't pay for. That not how I live, so why would I want to see an example of that? I want to see people who wear what they already own and who have to plan and budget for pretty new things. 

st. louis minimalist personal stylist

So anyway, here's a boring outfit that I happen to love. Dress I've had for several years, purchased at a consignment store. Necklace also had for years. Shoes are new and are one of my summer wardrobe updates, planned for months. I talked more about these sandals over on my cool friend Jennifer's new website hey ENNUI

I've purchased a few other things for summer, a few tops (one from The Vault, one from The Real Real, so both on consignment), and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of this dress. I'm hoping it's going to be the one I wear all summer. In addition to the one above, of course. 

Speaking of summer, we're again planning to be in Boulder for a good chunk of time. If you need some help with your summer wardrobe planning, you have a few more weeks to book something, or you'll have to hold your horses until mid-August! Go here to see available appointment times, there are only a few left in June!


more summer skirts

more summer skirts

They're just so cool and easy - so here are a couple of other summer skirt looks I've worn recently... 

h&m skirt st. louis personal stylist

This skirt is from H&M and I just love the tangerine color. I'm wearing it with a zipper detail belt from Express, Old Navy tee, and Nine West sandals. 

vintage denim skirt st. louis personal stylist

This is a thrifted vintage denim wrap skirt, worn with another Old Navy tee, Old Navy necklace, and Target sandals  - a recent purchase, here's a close-up: 


These won my exhaustive summer sandal search and I'm really happy with them! 

The style is pretty trendy (ankle straps and low wedges are everywhere this season!), so I'm fine with spending less on them and saving my money for classics.  

Have you purchased any new sandals for this summer yet? 

summer re-entry

My summer tops and dresses are gradually making their way out of storage and back into my closet. As you can see, I add in a bit more color for summer, although I'm always faithful to my black and neutrals.


Now if only the weather would cooperate. I don't know why I'm always surprised by "April showers" - I guess there's a reason the phrase exists!

summer sandal search

As you know, I'm on the hunt for a new pair of summer sandals. The more I look, the more I like the mod chunky heel thing that everyone has going on. Here are some picks that are out of my budget:

1)  Chloe, $469  2)  Elizabeth and James, $250  3) Chloe, $510 (sold out - I guess they're in someone's budget!) 4)  Marc by Marc Jacobs $470

1) Chloe, $469 2) Elizabeth and James, $250 3) Chloe, $510 (sold out - I guess they're in someone's budget!) 4) Marc by Marc Jacobs $470

And here are some actual viable options for me:

Right now I'm leaning toward #3. It's impossible to ignore the fact that they're half the price of all the others. Or am I having "sale brain"? I ordered them, along with a couple of other options, so we'll see what actually works IRL.

For even more, check out my summer sandal search board on Pinterest.