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what i wore in july

what i wore in july

You know what's the best thing about being on vacation? No pesky "to do" lists. I had a great two weeks in Boulder, doing very little except for reading, hiking, and eating and now I'm back and ready to gear up for fall! 

I mentioned a while back that I was going to track all the items of clothing I wore in July. My hope was that I'd get even more clarity about the pieces I wear most often and which ones I don't. I also wanted to get a feel for how hard it would be to do any sort of capsule clothing restriction challenges, like the 30x30 (only 30 items for 30 days). In July, probably like most of you, I was working, playing, and traveling. I didn't take a photo every day, and there were two days, with traveling and craziness, that I just didn't write down what I wore, or didn't remember. I also used some photos from past months of the same outfit to stand in for times when I didn't photograph my outfit since I'd worn it before. The photos below are of 20 of the 31 days.


So...I actually only wore 35 different items of clothing including shoes! I'm not entirely surprised by this. If you've read this blog much, you know that I don't think there's anything wrong with repeating outfits (the French way, bien sûr), and that I like to keep my core selection of clothes pretty minimal. You'll see in the photos that I did repeat clothes a lot - and even more so than you can tell, since I didn't include every outfit in those photos. The items that I wore the most were also pretty unsurprising: a black tank, quality dark denim, work-appropriate wedges, and Converse. Something that did surprise me was that there were a couple of items that I would consider "staples" (like my white H&M button down blouse), that I only wore once or twice in a month. I learned that I repeat outfits the most on the weekends (as in, I wear the same thing all weekend, no biggie) and that out of the 35 items I wore - ELEVEN were shoes! This makes sense, since I like to have simple, basic clothes and dress them up or down with different accessories.

There were also a few summer pieces that didn't get worn at all in the month of July, and it's probably safe for those to leave the building. Are you surprised by the number of pieces? How many articles of clothing do you think you wear in a month?


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