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heat advisory

heat advisory

We are in what is hopefully the last hot stretch of the summer. All I want to wear for work is this outfit which is breezy and cool. I'll admit, most of the time I wear it with more comfortable shoes, but for a recent mom's night out, I went fancy. ;) 

saint louis personal stylist

I'm wearing an Eileen Fisher top, Madewell culottes (sold out but similar), Madewell sandals (sold out but similar), and old Forever 21 necklace (similar). Lots of Madewell these days. Keep your eye out for an event at the Plaza Frontenac store with yours truly and some extra discounts!


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a work uniform for busy spells

a work uniform for busy spells

I don't like being busy. It's one of the reasons why I've left several jobs in the past. It may sound like a luxury to be able to say that, but the truth is, I'd much rather put myself on a strict budget than make more money and be busy. It's a personal choice. (Speaking of managing money, my husband and I are OB-sessed with this guy) Having said that, I've learned that in certain businesses, like personal styling, the busy-ness comes in waves. Spring/fall=crazy.  Between the last month and appointments scheduled for May, I'll be working with SIXTEEN new clients - multiple sessions each! I know that it'll slow down for summer and I'm grateful
to be doing what I love.

mindful closet st louis personal shopper stylist

Odds are, if you're one of those clients, you've seen me in this outfit. When things are crazy, it helps to not have to think about what to wear. I feel professional, comfortable, and "me" in this look - it's simple and clean but has enough unique details to satisfy me. The silk blouse is the same one from this post. A friend actually handed down these pants to me. Normally, I think hand-me-downs are a terrible idea, because you often feel compelled to hang on to things you wouldn't normally buy and that aren't quite right. If that happens to you, politely accept the gift you're being offered and then promptly donate whatever you won't wear. Every so often, you get something perfect, like these pants. The shoes are a purchase from Marshall's a few years ago, and I love the metallic heel and ankle strap detail. The bag is great for containing notebooks, camera, and measuring tapes I use for appointments. You can barely see it, but I'm also wearing a brass plate necklace that I got last summer at Forever 21.

mindful closet work uniform personal stylist

What's your go-to professional look? Do you get good hand-me-downs? Do you thrive on busy-ness?


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monday morning (procrastination?) reading

In between a family wedding, couch shopping, and catching up on the Housewives (shh, don't tell anyone), here are some things I read that I wanted to pass on... 

I had the pleasure of hanging out with Liz from Mile High Style (and absorbing her wisdom) while I was in Boulder this summer. Check out this great article about her, her philosophy (less stuff, better quality basics, sound familiar?) and about the impact clothes can have on your mental state.

photo: target via refinery29

photo: target via refinery29

Everyone's eagerly awaiting the release of Phillip Lim's collaboration with Target and I have loved his designs since he won a CFDA award in 2007. However, I'm usually extremely disappointed in the actual clothes and accessories that result from these collaborations, so I'll reserve my judgement until I see them in person. The collection is in Target stores on September 15. Based on the photos in the slideshow, what do you think?


I loved Molly from Heart of a Blonde's narrative  of a style meltdown and how she worked her way out of it.

 Even if you've been working all summer, fall still brings the back-to-school-need-new-clothes feeling (at least it does for me!). Check out this slideshow from Lucky for chic work dresses.  

If you haven't checked out Mrs. Lillian's blog for some eye candy, head right over. Not only does she put together some amazing collages of enviable items, but she describes everything in rhyme. No joke.