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what to wear for school dropoff

what to wear for school dropoff

Just because you're a mom doesn't mean you get a pass to wear workout clothes all day. However, sometimes I do have a session scheduled with my (kickass) trainer, Kourtney, in the middle of the day. I don't want to change multiple times, but I also want to look decent while at preschool dropoff. Here's my solution: camouflage your workout clothes as real clothes. I wear my workout clothes as my bottom layer and then add a top layer of "street" clothes. Athletic leggings pass for the regular version, throw a sweater on top, and wear street shoes instead of sneakers. 

Cute outfit for drop-off:

saint louis personal stylist

Sweaterleggingsbootsscarf, bag (affiliate links) 

Shed the top layer and change your shoes for working out. 

saint louis personal shopper

Tankrunning shoessports braleggings (affiliate links)

P.S.  I recently heard a podcast interview with Tim Gunn in which he gave his approval for wearing workout clothes as long as you're actually coming or going from a workout. Good to know. 

on working from home

on working from home

There are lots of great perks about working from home. I can empty the dishwasher on my computer breaks. I can make lunch in my own kitchen. I can wear the same thing and no one will ever know. Unless I tell you. Which I'm about to. 

dacy gillespie st louis personal shopper

This is it most days: grey tee from Marshall's, Gap boyfriend jeans, Old Navy ankle boots, Baublebar necklace, Rayban sunglasses. 

Things are a little hectic around the mindful closet house these days, so I apologize if posting has slowed down a bit. When I'm not wearing the "working-from-home" outfit, I've been dressing up for Saint Louis Fashion Week events, of which there have been many and many more next week. Updates to come, I promise. 

Tonight is the Project Runway show at the Fox - I'm so excited, since I'm a huge fan. Has anyone else been watching this season? So. much. drama. If you want to join me, there are still tickets for tonight and next week here!