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what is this feeling?

what is this feeling?

I'm having an odd feeling this spring. The feeling is that I don't really need any new clothes. Gasp. Two years ago I was developing this business and blog and felt some pressure to step up my game, last year I was starved for new things after pregnancy, but this year, I think I'm good. Dresses, check. Lightweight tops, check. Jeans that fit, check. Three pairs of shorts - probably three too many since I rarely wear them. Feels nice.

As usual, when the sun comes out, I add some color to my customary neutrals. But don't worry, only in my jewelry - I mean, I'm still me.

mindful closet st louis personal shopper

Nothing new to see here - Zara necklace purchased last spring (here on ebay), COS top seen here, Twiggy from James Jeans and Sam Edelman boots. Plus some spring wind.

mindful closet spring wardrobe
mindful closet saint louis personal stylist

My old favorite striped trench from Ann Taylor LOFT (here's one on ebay!), old Old Navy flared jeans (yes, they're coming back, but skinnies aren't going anywhere), Forever 21 top, Franco Sarto boots. The necklace is from this etsy shop, and it's wooden beads on a knit cord, so it's pretty childproof.

mindful closet saint louis personal stylist

How's your wardrobe looking for spring? What items are on your wish list? Leave in the comments and I'll blog about them!

Have a great spring weekend!


when mindful = boring

when mindful = boring

And no, I'm not talking about my preference for neutrals ;) Sometimes it just so happens that you've found clothes that fit. You have clothes that are practical for your lifestyle. You have the few special occasion pieces you need for unexpected events.  You've got all the layering pieces and basics and accessories to make any outfit you need. Everything on your list is checked off.

Then what?

After making a couple of quick shopping trips in early July, I have practical, stylish clothes that fit the body I currently have. I have several cute summer dresses (see evidence above), and that's more than enough for my current social calendar. I have everything I need for this season and this phase of life. Even after I had all of this, instead of relaxing, I felt an urge to kept frantically looking.

I stopped myself and thought about what was going on. I was feeling the absence of excitement of the new. I wanted to keep experiencing the thrill of the hunt, even though the hunt was over. When it's my turn to have a break from the baby, I had gotten used to seizing the moment to take a shopping trip. It is my preferred activity of choice, after all, for myself and for other people. On top of that, our apartment in Boulder is practically IN a pedestrian shopping mall. Everything is right there in front of me.

After reflecting on all of this, I realized that I didn't want to go shopping just for the entertainment value. I didn't want the temptation, didn't want to see something that I didn't know I "needed" until that very second. I even refrained from buying anything at the Nordstrom anniversary sale, people!

So, instead, I'll just acknowledge the feeling of wanting. I'll feel the space instead of trying to fill it. I'll review my style inspiration Pinterest page and and remember that I have what I need to achieve those looks. I'll go to yoga instead of shopping. I'll read fewer fashion blogs that showcase a different new outfit every. damn. day. I'll stop and pause to resist temptation. I'll try to stay mindful, even if it is a little boring. Or, maybe instead of saying "boring", I'll call it "peaceful".

an impractical wish list

an impractical wish list

Since I'm no longer pregnant, I am itching for new clothes. Hours of one handed shopping on the iPhone while nursing has provided me with lots of temptation. Unfortunately, my current circumstances (clothes need to be nursing-friendly, I'm transitioning in size) are limiting what is practical for me to buy/wear. So I'm blogging my wish list instead of buying.

Click image for sources

Click image for sources

I've quickly realized that my favorite dress shape, a shift (seen multiple times above), is not nursing-friendly. Full disclosure, though - I did buy the black and white striped Zara dress on the top right while I was still pregnant and crossed my fingers it would fit post-partum (it does). It'll be for those special times out sans bébé this summer and will become more practical as the baby gets older. I really don't need any new shoes, no matter how cute, although I'm seriously tempted by the Rebecca Minkoff snakeskin sandals (center) - at least they're a practical height for running around in. I could use a pair of jeans that fits while I'm between sizes, and my own mom looked great in this cute pair of Gap high waisted skinny jeans. The white button down blouse from Old Navy (left center) is practical and affordable for being something that will get spit up on constantly (seriously, why didn't people warn me about the spit-up??), and it might get bought.

In the meantime, my main purchase has been a boatload of these tanks. Not so glamorous, but certainly practical.


(PS I doubt anyone actually waits with bated breath for my posts, but they'll definitely be more sporadic and infrequent for awhile. I hope you'll continue to visit!)

true confessions

You have to know who you are. Over the years, I've paid notice to what I feel most comfortable and confident in, and it's not bright colors. Some may say that I need to wear more color or that it's some sort of rule, but that's just not me. And half the western world agrees with me - if you've ever spent any significant time in Europe, you'll notice (as I did for the first time as a 16-year-old in Germany) that the most well-dressed women stick to neutrals. Recently, I had this crazy urge to wear a bright color, accented by another bright color, while almost nine months pregnant.

Top: Liz Lange for Target via Kangeroo Kids, jeans: thrifted Heidi Klum, wedges: Target, necklace: Zara

I actually think the outfit looks cute, and would look great on someone else too. I just felt not myself in it, and after we took these photos, I ended up changing into this, minus the boots. I was going by myself to a party where I didn't know many people, and I was all the more glad I changed into something I felt completely comfortable in.

via my  Instagram

via my Instagram

Do you guys know about Kangaroo Kids? It's where I bought the top I'm wearing here (with the special they had, it was something like $3!). It's a great children's and maternity resale store (as well as breastfeeding support center) in Rock Hill. Our childbirth class met there and I couldn't help but do a little shopping each week! They have great specials and sales going on all the time. I feel as though their maternity selection is better than several other resale shops' inventory. We also found this awesome bloom baby lounger (above). I had been coveting it but couldn't justify buying it for full price, but at Kangaroo Kids it was 75% off of the retail price!

Resale/consignment for the win once again!

what i wore: baby shower

what i wore: baby shower

In February, I had a great long weekend hanging out with my sisters in Atlanta and picked up a couple of things at Zara:

via my  Instagram . Dress no longer available, necklace still available  here .

via my Instagram. Dress no longer available, necklace still available here.

I was excited for this infusion of color (necklace already worn here), and knew just where I wanted to wear the dress - my baby shower. Thankfully, the weather cooperated.

I'm also wearing thrifted MIA Quincy lace-up wedges (available in brown here)

The dress is not a maternity dress, which is great, since I love the color and print so much that I know I'll want to keep wearing it. This is one of my favorite belts, thrifted years ago. It comes in handy for trying to create some sort of shape.

It was a great party thrown by my friends Dana and Ann - guys included, tons of amazing food, blue fizzy drinks, lovely flowers, lots of love and gifts, and not too many games ;) 

a winter respite

a winter respite

I'm not getting my hopes up that it will last, but the recent break from the cold has been much appreciated. A simple walk around the neighborhood feels like the most incredible, amazing experience in contrast to what came before. 

I was finally able to get outside to take some photos! Last weekend, I flew to Atlanta to hang out with both of my sisters (travel post coming soon) and I picked up this necklace at Zara. I'm in love with it - just the thing to pair with an otherwise simple outfit.

zara diamante and cord necklace

My simple outfit consisted of the Diane von Furstenberg Hanky blouse that I recently snagged on eBay, my maternity jeans, and my well-worn Steve Madden Intyce boots.

mindful closet st. louis personal stylist

Bruiser even got in on the action.

mindful closet st. louis personal stylist

Just so amazing to feel fresh air without 17 layers in between said air and my skin. That is all.

winter uniform

winter uniform

Baby or no baby, this is my standard casual winter uniform: chunky sweater+skinny jeans/pants/leggings+boots. Depending on the weather, long underwear underneath it all, of course ;) I've had to dress up more than this for the last couple of weeks, so I'll be living in it this weekend.

I'm wearing Old Navy maternity tee, Zara sweater - on sale now!, Old Navy maternity leggings, and Steve Madden bootsI've been living in these leggings, so much so that when I saw another pair of them at a consignment store for $5, I picked them up too. I've had the boots for years and I'm always surprised on how many compliments I get on them - they're way on sale now too! Something else - does anyone still think that black and brown together is taboo? I see it all the time, love it, and think that that rule has gone the way of the "match your purse to your shoes" rule.

On another note, I just finished a big project and feel the need to reward myself by shopping. The thing is, when I stop to think about it, I REALLY don't need anything. Anything I would buy with this impulse would probably get worn once or twice and then purged in the next few months. So, I'll do a little online window shopping and pinning, and take a nap. That's what I really need :)

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