virtual styling

I love working with people in my town. There’s nothing like the face-to-face, living, breathing interaction when you’re dealing with a personal topic like what we wear. However, I know that there are others in the world who are ready to make a shift, ready to let go of the stuff they’re not wearing, ready to move to a more minimalist wardrobe and they’re not all within driving distance. I want to work with those people too. In my mind, I’ve offered virtual personal styling for a while, but I’ve never made a big deal out of it and it occurred to me that maybe it’s not clear that it’s something I offer. I just added a big new virtual styling section on my website and wanted to share more about it here.

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “virtual styling”? For many people, it brings up images of subscription boxes like Stitch Fix and Trunk Club. These services have their place. They can be great for those who know themselves and their style well and appreciate the efficiency of having options sent to them, without the time commitment of shopping. However, for anyone who wants to define their style and figure out what does and doesn’t work for them, a little more help might be required.

Here's what a box can't do: a box can't help you clean out your closet. A box can't tell you how to deal with the well-meaning gifts of mother-in-laws. A box can't tell you that you need to let go of limiting beliefs about your body and what you should or should not be wearing. A box can't suggest something to wear from your closet for a specific event (a quick example: I had a client text me that she got invited to a cocktail event last minute. She thought she should make a run to Nordstrom Rack. I calmed her down and sent a few new looks I created from her digital lookbook. She didn't have to buy anything and felt great at the event.) And btw, Stitch Fix stylists are allotted a maximum of 15 minutes per styling client to choose items for them.

What can we do via virtual styling?


The mindful closet package descriptions are the same for virtual clients, with minor modifications. For the mindful beginnings session, we’ll have one extended video session (up to 3 hours). We'll chat for a while first (the consultation) and then I'll ask you to show me your closet and we'll edit it piece by piece (the closet cleanse). After our session, I’ll email you your mindful style notes and your customized shopping list. If you select the mindful shopping package, I’ll do the shopping from your customized list for you and send you the links for you to purchase online. Once your items have arrived, we’ll do another 2 hour video session for you to try on your items and for me to help you make your selections.


But seriously, HOW do we do a virtual personal styling session remotely? We can use Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom (a video conferencing platform), whichever you’re most comfortable with. The only special thing you need to do is have a way you can show me clothes without holding a phone in your hand. You'll want to have a stationary setup for your laptop or iPad where your closet is located so that you can be moving around and holding up items to show me. I’ll also send you specific directions on how to prep for our session. Even though we might be thousands of miles apart, you’d be surprised how quickly we forget that we’re not actually in the same room!


Virtual personal styling works best if you're comfortable with lots of communication over email as well as by FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom. You need to either have a Pinterest style board or be willing to create one. Since we’ll be bringing the dressing room to you (via ordering many options online), you’ll need to be able to manage the online orders and returns.

Interested in setting up a virtual personal styling session?

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