Trench coat weather is my favorite weather. It's so easy, because I can wear something super simple underneath...

Good lord, look at that belly!

Good lord, look at that belly!

...and throw the jacket on top and feel completely put-together.

A little trick if you'd like to wear your trench coat open but still want a defined shape - gather it a little with the belt and tie it behind you:

Of course, tying in front always look good too.

I got this trench at Ann Taylor LOFT last season (worn here pre-pregnancy) and had to hunt it down since it was sold out online - I'm glad I did. I'm also wearing my trusty thrifted Indigo Blue maternity jeans, an H&M tee found at Avalon Exchange, and thrifted Old Navy flats. I carried the bag I've been carrying all winter, the Linea Pelle Dylan. It was my anniversary gift from my husband (don't worry, I used a promo code and got 20% off) and it's turned out to be pretty much perfect. It goes with everything, can be casual or worn to a fancy restaurant, and has room for all the crap I regularly stuff it with.

What's your favorite weather to dress for?

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