As if anyone was in doubt… So, right about the time I put up that last blog post (about, ahem, not buying if it’s not on your list), I started feeling bored with all my black. Maybe I jinxed myself, maybe I was bored, maybe I should have-I don’t know-taken a nap instead. But I found myself between appointments killing time by stopping by Avalon. I saw this cool vintage sweater, and although I did give quite a bit of thought to the purchase, it was NOT on my list. But I bought it, and it was secondhand, and it was $18, and I really like it. Everything else I'm wearing were super mindful, wear-all-the-time purchases. It's not the end of the world.

saint louis personal stylist

In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy the fact that there's no black in this outfit ;) 

(Sweater: vintage, tank: Eileen Fisher, jeans: Banana Republic, boots: Blondo)

P.S. This tank I'm wearing from Eileen Fisher gets worn about twice a week. Pricy, but so worth it. Check it out at the Plaza Frontenac Eileen Fisher store on December 17th from 12-3pm and get my take on how to style it.