I think it’s a pretty rare human woman whose weight doesn’t fluctuate. If not over the course of a month, certainly over the course of a life. It would be unnatural for it not to. A question I get a lot is how we we can choose and purchase clothes knowing that these fluctuations will occur. I’ve had my share of physical changes over the last 6 years and I’ve found a few pieces along the way that, while not good for the whole 50-pound swing I’ve experienced, are certainly good for a 5-10 pound fluctuation.

clothes for weight fluctuations

Madewell Danny jeans

These jeans apparently have “magic pockets” and while I question the validity of that claim, there’s definitely something special going on here. These are the only pair of jeans I’ve owned since March. It’s possible to only own ONE pair of jeans!

mindful closet blog: what to wear when your weight fluctuates

AG Farrah High Rise

Speaking of magic, I call these my magic jeans because they have fit me at multiple different sizes. Case in point, this photo was taken at least four years ago.

mindful closet: virtual personal stylist

Elastic waists have come a long way since my granny wore them in her nursing home.  I’ve loved this Madewell pair that look polished yet are so comfy (similar option here, ethical version here). While technically not an ethically made clothing item, these pants are an example of an article of clothing that has been used enough to have justified its purchase.

mindful closet: virtual stylist

A more recent elastic waist purchase, these from Me & Arrow, via St. Louis store Shop Descendent.

If you click through some of these links and are turned off by the prices, remember that there are always ways to do designer or ethical fashion on a budget. All of the Madewell jeans I’ve purchased over the last couple of years have been secondhand through Poshmark.

Do you have any pieces that have stayed in your wardrobe throughout wardrobe fluctuations?

P.S. Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which may generate income for mindful closet. To see even more of my picks for flexible clothing, go here.