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nordstrom anniversary sale picks

nordstrom anniversary sale picks

In case you aren't aware, the Nordstrom anniversary sale starts this weekend. If you have a Nordstrom card, you can have access now. The cool thing about this sale is that instead of things going on sale when they've been in the store for a while and are out of season, things are on sale BEFORE the season starts and the items actually go UP in price after the sale. You know that I don't advocate going crazy just because things are on sale, but if you have some items you've had on your wish list, this is the time to get a good price on them. 


When you only have a few bottoms, they wear out quickly. I'm really in need of a pair of black skinny pants or jeans. I love Madewell jeans, but they really don't go on sale often at the Madewell store. Luckily, Nordstrom also carries a few Madewell items and I might snag these while they're on sale. $85, after sale $128. (Edited to add: I actually bought these AG black high-waisted jeans instead - sooo comfy!) 

Speaking of bottoms, Paige jeans are always a hit with my clients, they're super soft and stretchy and comfortable. This pair is almost half off during the sale - I can't even find them that cheap on eBay. 

I'm sick of carrying around heavy tote bags, so I've had my eye on a backpack for a while. This one's cute.

Bonus (not pictured): my favorite underwear, which I'll definitely be stocking up on. 

Remember: keep a running shopping list of needs so that you're not tempted by impulse buys!

P.S. This post contains affiliate links. 

P.P.S. fern print pictured via etsy

replacing a wardrobe staple

replacing a wardrobe staple

Last summer, this top bit the dust. It was a bummer, because I didn't feel like I'd worn it for as many years as I would like. Since a relaxed white top is a pretty important component of my summer uniform, I set out to search for a replacement.

mindful closet: st. louis men's and women's personal stylist

I tried all of these tops (above) and ended up with the cheapest version, simply because it fit best. The length wasn't too cropped, the sleeves hit in a good place and it also has the added benefit of being machine washable.

st louis men and women personal stylist

I don't normally advocate buying multiples, but because this one hit so many of my criteria and because it's so integral to my wardrobe, I bought two. Yes, both in white.
Currently on sale at The Limited for $25 ;)

P.S. Keep your eyes out for a special event I'll be hosting at The Limited in August!


the capsule wardrobe halfway point

the capsule wardrobe halfway point

i'm a fraud

i'm a fraud

So, here I am, my big thing is buying quality things that you wear over and over, right? And, when I got married, instead of buying a dress that only had one use, I bought a white cocktail dress that I could wear again and again. And I love this dress. I want to wear it all the time. But when I put it on, like I did this year for our fifth anniversary dinner, it feels like too much. Too dressy or too conspicuous, or too bridal. Even though it's not. I just don't feel right in it, not like I did the day I wore it to get married in. Is it because I have it tied to a certain type of event in my mind? Is it really just too dressy for the average nice St. Louis restaurant? Not sure, but I do know that I wouldn't advise anyone else to wear something they didn't feel good in. So this year, like several other times, I've changed out of the dress and into something I felt better in. So maybe I didn't achieve the impossible, a wedding dress that can be reworn. Or maybe it just hasn't been the right time. Either way, best to go with your gut.

mindful closet rewearing your wedding dress

This is what I wore instead, almost all second hand, so at least these items are getting second lives! Dress: InWear via Crossroads Trading Company, The Limited belt (similar), Loeffler Randall bag via Scholar Shop, Nine West shoes via Buffalo Exchange (similar). Much happier. ;)

Have you ever tried to rewear something that just wouldn't work?

the search for a dignified diaper bag

the search for a dignified diaper bag

I could have called this post "summer uniform: white+denim, part forever".
Can't stop, won't stop.

 Forever 21 top, Gap jeans, Target scarf (similar), boots free from Avalon Exchange after trading in clothes (affordable similar and high quality similar versions)

This started out as an outfit post, but since I'm also using my diaper bag in this photo, I thought I'd write a bit about it. I wanted something that didn't scream "diaper bag", and nothing with cutesy prints on it. (pardon this tangent - why is everything that is to be used with babies bright colored and floral patterned? The baby is not going to be entertained by my nursing pillow, however it is going to sit out at my house a lot and I don't want to constantly look at pink and purple polka dots!! How about some nice solid colors?) That might beg the question, why not just use a normal purse or tote as a diaper bag? I did consider that, and sometimes I do just throw a diaper and some wipes into a smaller bag. However, I wanted some of the special features of a diaper bag: a changing pad, wipe-clean material, and many, many pockets. I went with the Skip Hop Versa diaper bag, and I love it.

Here's what I like about the Versa bag:

  • The look - I chose black for versatility and I like the gold hardware and zippers which add a bit more style.
  • A cross-body option is a must for having hands free. This one can be cross-body or a shoulder bag because of the adjustable strap.
  • There are straps for attaching the bag to a stroller handle.
  • The main inside pocket is very roomy and there is a zipper down the middle of the bag to expand it even more. You can see this in the manufacturer's photo. I usually keep it closed because the bag feels enormous when expanded.
  • The changing pad is in its own zipper pocket on the back of the bag. In our Jeep diaper backpack, it floats in the main pocket and gets all scrunched up.
  • On the front of the bag, there are open pockets for items that need to be easily accessible, like phone and keys.
  • Also on the front of the bag, there are zippered pockets that are perfect for keeping bottles upright.
  • On the inside of the bag, there are four additional pockets - I use one for diapers, one for wipes, one for my wallet, and one for burp cloths.

Instead of trying to find something that my husband and I would both feel comfortable carrying (i.e. something that wouldn't look like a purse when he carried it), I got the bag with the look I liked and we registered for this Jeep backpack (thanks Kyle and Jennedy!) for when my husband will be carrying the bag. Mr. mindful closet loves it (another aside - my husband says he likes it when I mention him on the blog and call him Mr. mindful closet.. Here you go, honey. It's almost as funny as when I used to work with kids and they'd call him Mr. Gillespie. They didn't know that we have different last names.) We try to keep both bags fully stocked at all times so that it's not a huge pain to switch back and forth.

After checking out the Versa bag in person, I bought mine barely used on Ebay for about half the retail price. If you wanted to go through Bed, Bath, and Beyond, you could use those 20% off coupons that are always coming in the mail for a pretty great deal. P.S. Did you know you can use those Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupons at Buy Buy Baby too? Keep that in mind for the next time you're buying a friend a gift off the registry there.

Anyone else have great tips for choosing a stylish diaper bag?


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joie rancher top for less

joie rancher top for less

The Joie Rancher top has been on my wishlist for awhile. It's a great basic top that can be easily dressed up with an interesting necklace or scarf. Of course, for my current place in life, a silk top is no longer an everyday wearable item. While on a recent shopping trip, I saw an affordable version of the Joie top at Forever 21. I hesitate to say "knockoff" since it's obviously a simple design, but the shirts are very similar.

Click images for sources

Click images for sources

The Forever 21 tops are on the left above, and the Joie tops are on the right. I picked up four of them, one in each color shown above, and two in white (insurance against certain staining). They are flattering, washable (100% polyester), and nursing friendly. I love that these tops are as easy and comfortable as a tee but a bit more polished. They may not look or feel quite as luxurious as the higher quality version, but they are infinitely more practical.

Here's the patterned version, with Gap jeans (which were on sale in store for $13), thrifted necklace, and Target sandals.

when it's ok to make a cheap purchase

when it's ok to make a cheap purchase

This is my boho bump look:

mindful closet - boho maternity look

I'm wearing my new Old Navy maternity boyfriend jeans. It's been 20 years since I had a pair of distressed jeans. In high school, there was a pair of super cool denim cut-offs with holes and patches that my mom kept throwing away and I kept getting out of the trash. Maybe because of my love for those, I was willing to try the trend out again this time around. These jeans are so comfortable.

mindful closet - st. louis personal stylist

At the same time I had my little late pregnancy shopping spree, I found this Forever 21 blouse at the Goodwill. It's not a maternity top, but since it fit at that moment, it was a yes.

The sandals I'm wearing in the photos are from Old Navy, like, five years ago, no joke. Shows that a cheap purchase can be good if you really love and wear the item. It's only when you buy something thoughtlessly or only because it's cheap that it becomes a problem, since those items don't really get worn. Of course, after five years, not too many sandals are still going to  be in good shape, so I replaced them with the Target sandals above. Something that helps with both pairs is that they aren't too specifically trendy. Yes, gladiator sandals have been a trend for a while, but not having neon or glitter or other trend specific details helps them stay current longer. I love these and have worn them every day since buying them, so let's hope they're another worthwhile cheap purchase! (Another time I think it's ok to go cheap is for those truly transitional periods of life.)

Have you made any cheap purchases that turned out well in the long term?