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a sad shoe story

a sad shoe story

In an ideal minimalist world, I would absolutely love to have only two pairs of shoes that I could wear all the time. I love the added polish that a great pair of shoes can add to an outfit. I love the added length and height that goes with a 2-3 inch heel. I just literally cannot find a shoe that I can wear comfortably for hours that meets my style criteria. 

I have wide feet, narrow heels and I overpronate. mr. mindful closet lovingly calls them “triangle feet”. I can go all day in Danskos or Birkenstocks, but that’s not really the look I’m going for. I am currently seeing a podiatrist and having orthotics made, but the maximum heel height for those inserts is 2 inches. I’ve tried many different brands, including La Canadienne, Vionic, Munro, Arche, Cole Haan, Aquatalia, Clarks, Earth, Born, Sam Edelman, Coach, Eileen Fisher, AGL, Blondo, Paul Green, Franco Sarto....

comfortable boots wide feet

Here are a few of the options I’ve tried recently and a few that are on their way to me. 

Top row, L to R: Vaneli “Xandra" - I love this chunky heel mod bootie style, good heel height, comfort is tbd. Dansko “Maria" - sadly I've had Dankso booties before that actually weren't that comfortable, hopefully these are better. 

Middle row, L to R: Vionic "Becca" - Vionic is a great brand that has good arch support and removable insoles so that you can add custom orthotics. These come in multiple widths and it's a good heel height, but this shoe was just not that comfortable. Bella Vita "Fern" - not crazy about the fringe, but they come in wide and have rave reviews, we'll see how they feel. Nine West "Orion" - I own these and love them. I got them in a slightly larger size so I could fit my orthotics. These are what I currently wear for most shopping trips, sometimes I just want to feel a bit more dressed up than what a flat boot conveys.

Bottom row, L to R: Munro "Drew" - on the casual side, but very comfy. Unfortunately, my size is sold out in wide width. Cole Haan "Elsie" - I love how these look on and they're relatively comfy. In general, Cole Haans run narrow, and while they make some models in a wide width, this is not one of them. Sad face. 

Ok, your turn. Please help me out - tell me you know the perfect comfy stylish shoe I've missed!

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fall capsule wardrobe review

fall capsule wardrobe review

I spent the month of December planning, organizing, and shopping for my next capsule wardrobe, but somehow never got around to blogging about it. Today, I'm at jury duty, which turns out to be the best place for me to get some work done!

First and foremost, I really do like the concept and decided to continue it, adapting it to my needs. I learned a lot from the fall version and will try to avoid making the same mistakes. One mistake I made was having too many warm weather items. Once cool weather hit, I felt like I was wearing the same sweater constantly. Even I need a little variety, and yes, I did start to get a little bored with what I had. Also, a few of the items in my fall capsule only got worn once. Some of those made it to the donation pile. Some were for special occasions, and in the future, I don't think I'll include them in the capsule.

Since I didn't have enough cool weather items, I bought a few (this layering tee, this tunic, this sweater, these jeans) towards the end and started wearing them. It would have been ridiculous to wait until January 1 to get use out of them. I'm also not going to limit myself on accessories next time - I'll be wearing necklaces and scarves with abandon. 

rick owens velvet leather jacket


Because I've focused and edited my wardrobe over time, many items got worn multiple times a week. Yes, clothes do wear out faster when you have fewer things you wear more often. I'm choosing to think of this as a positive (replacing things means I get to shop, which is my favorite activity), but it is a little frustrating when you invested so much time looking for those pieces only a few seasons ago. I knew many of these things were on their last legs, but it seems as if they've all given out at the same time. I ended up with quite a long shopping list of items to replace. One was a dressy black coat, and I "invested" (I don't think clothes are ever a real investment, but at least I could resell this easily if I wanted to) in a Rick Owens jacket from the online consignment store The Real Real (above, similar version here). I also got this Madewell purse as a Christmas gift from mr. mindful closet and I really love it - lightweight AND functional!

I'll keep working on a post about my shopping list and the full winter capsule, but I'm not stressing too much about the fact that I didn't have it ready to go on January 1. It's all a process and I'd rather buy the right things at the right time than buy something mediocre in order to have it by an arbitrary date. 

Happy New Year! 

wish list: elizabeth suzann

Every so often, a designer keeps popping up in blogs I read and Pinterest feeds I follow - Elizabeth Suzann is the latest. I quickly fell in love with the easy silhouettes, made-in-Nashville production, and company philosophy (in a nutshell, less is more).

Above, a few pieces currently on my wish list. 

(Images courtesy of Elizabeth Suzann)

an impractical wish list

an impractical wish list

Since I'm no longer pregnant, I am itching for new clothes. Hours of one handed shopping on the iPhone while nursing has provided me with lots of temptation. Unfortunately, my current circumstances (clothes need to be nursing-friendly, I'm transitioning in size) are limiting what is practical for me to buy/wear. So I'm blogging my wish list instead of buying.

Click image for sources

Click image for sources

I've quickly realized that my favorite dress shape, a shift (seen multiple times above), is not nursing-friendly. Full disclosure, though - I did buy the black and white striped Zara dress on the top right while I was still pregnant and crossed my fingers it would fit post-partum (it does). It'll be for those special times out sans bébé this summer and will become more practical as the baby gets older. I really don't need any new shoes, no matter how cute, although I'm seriously tempted by the Rebecca Minkoff snakeskin sandals (center) - at least they're a practical height for running around in. I could use a pair of jeans that fits while I'm between sizes, and my own mom looked great in this cute pair of Gap high waisted skinny jeans. The white button down blouse from Old Navy (left center) is practical and affordable for being something that will get spit up on constantly (seriously, why didn't people warn me about the spit-up??), and it might get bought.

In the meantime, my main purchase has been a boatload of these tanks. Not so glamorous, but certainly practical.


(PS I doubt anyone actually waits with bated breath for my posts, but they'll definitely be more sporadic and infrequent for awhile. I hope you'll continue to visit!)

october budget and maternity basics

When I found out I was pregnant, I made a list of the basics I thought I'd need. The idea of maternity dressing is an odd thing. I know that I might not feel my best, and I believe having clothes I love and that fit can make me feel better. On the other hand, I try to buy things for the long term, and the idea of buying things I'll only wear for 5 or 6 months pains me a bit. My plan is to buy basics, use things I already have, and accessorize the hell out of them. Then I'll treat myself to a few things when I start to get the itch to change it up.


Here's my list of basics I think I'll need:

  • Skinny jeans - am looking on ebay for a deal on AG maternity skinny jeans, my favorites so far. If that doesn't pan out, will go with something from Old Navy or Gap (after all, they won't need to last for long!)
  • Leggings - purchased from Old Navy
  • Yoga pants - purchased from Old Navy
  • Dressy dress - will be able to borrow from sister
  • Cute top(s) - will buy when I start to get bored with everything else, hope to find ones that will work even after pregnancy
  • Tanks - one purchased from Old Navy
  • Tees - one purchased from Old Navy
  • Striped tee - my staple and I can't go months without one! I like this one from ASOS.
  • Coat? - would like to try to find at consignment or thrift
  • Jewelry - to keep things interesting when I get bored with my basics

Keep in mind that I work from home and don't have to get dressed up or even business casual very often, so that helps. My sister (who has two babies) recommended that I add a pair of nice black maternity pants to the list for dressy occasions. I already have chunky sweaters, long cardigans, a maxi dress, and several flowy tops that should work all the way through.

So, with all that said, here's a belated list of what I bought in October: above, maternity long sleeved tee, tank, yoga pants, leggings, and a gauze scarf (not pictured). Because of a discount code and rewards for using my gap card, the total for
these five items was $30!

october purchases.png

In addition, I bought a chunky cardigan at Zara ($60) and a necklace from Etsy ($31), for a total of $121 for the month. I actually returned the Diane von Furstenberg dress from my September purchases ($175), so I'm coming out ahead, which is great, considering all the new expenses I'm going to be running into soon!

If you're just joining us, my monthly clothing budget is $200. I think it's important to have a budget and a plan or wish list of what you need because it prevents you from making mistake purchases. Another reason is that it alleviates any guilt you may have about shopping. If something is within your budget (and especially if it's on your wish list), you don't need to feel guilty about buying it - and who doesn't want that? I started these posts because of Franziska and her Budgeting Bloggers group - here's their latest. Here are my previous months' budget posts:  September,  August, July, June, May, and April.

How are all of you doing with your spending?
Any must-have maternity items I left off of my list?