Do you work with men? 

I have in the past, but am not currently accepting male clients. 

What’s the mindful closet questionnaire all about?

I'll send you the mindful closet questionnaire before our first visit. The questionnaire is designed to focus your attention on the function of your clothing: how and why you choose it, what you spend your money on, where you wear them. If you don’t already have one, I'll ask you to set up a Pinterest page for your style. This is not to collect images of things you think work for your body, not what you think will fit, not what you think you should wear or have been told is most flattering. It should be things that you're drawn to aesthetically, that you like the look of. My job is to make that look fit your body and your life.

What else should I do to get ready for your visit?

I want to see how you authentically interact with your wardrobe, so don’t clean up before I get there. However, having all your laundry done is helpful. Make sure we have access to a mirror.

Can’t we just meet for shopping without doing the mindful editing?

If I shop for you without taking the time to get to know you, I might as well be dressing a mannequin. You have preferences, style goals, and specific lifestyle needs that all need to be taken into account in order to do the most productive and mindful shopping.

What should I do to prepare for our shopping trip?

Shopping trips often span the middle of the day, so make sure to have a snack before you come. I’ll have snacks and water, but no one wants to be hangry. For women, take some time to do your hair and makeup. Wearing a camisole under your top is helpful. Wear comfortable shoes, but preferably not athletic shoes.

What if I don’t have a lot of money to spend on clothes?

No problem. Remember, my thing is making a few mindful purchases. I’m also the queen of thrifting, so I’m used to working with any budget. We buy the best quality we can with what you have. There’s also the possibility that you have what you need, but it’s just hidden by all the excess in your closet.

I’m a hard size to fit. Will you be able to help me?

Most of my clients have struggles with fit. It’s why they reach out to me. Because of my experience with all shapes and sizes, I know the best resources for what you need. I’m able to tell you why certain things won’t work for you and find options that will. I have extensive experience with plus-size, extended plus size, tall, petite, and big and tall clients.

My style is different than yours, will you still be able to help me?

I don’t expect that everyone will share my affinity for neutrals. My goal is to help you define the style you love and implement it. I won’t be telling you to buy what I like, but to buy what you like.

Will this be like “What not to Wear”?

A little, except that I’m much nicer than Stacy and Clinton. :) Also, as I mentioned above, we won’t be dressing you based on what I think you should wear, but what you feel best in.

Are you ok with dogs/cats/parakeets?



Not at this time. 

More questions? Give me a call.

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