At some point I lost my ability to ‘put myself together’ — because of my life stage, personal interests, and professional life, I was no longer able to concentrate on my ‘look’. I was buying a lot of clothing items that didn’t fit or reflect what I wanted to look like. My closet was growing, but my look was deteriorating, and my patience was wearing thin.

I initially sought out Dacy to help me find pants that fit. By graciously pushing me a little outside my comfort zone, she has helped me find the secret to pants that fit, and so much more. In a just few short hours, she helped me weed out the clothes in my closet that were not working and while doing so, put together several outfits that I would have never have thought of with clothes I already had.

As we continue to work together, we’re building a simple, yet stylish wardrobe that is short on quantity, but long on quality! After only two sessions together, I get compliments almost daily on my look.

I feel fabulous.
— Pam M.