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style consultation

The first step in working with me is to sit down for a style consultation. When I arrive for your first session, we won’t plunge straight into your closet. We'll sit and chat for a while. We'll discuss your lifestyle, problems you've had with clothing in the past, how you want to look and how you want to feel when you get dressed in the morning.

Together, we’ll look at visuals that we’ll use to define your personal style. By envisioning your ideal wardrobe, we’ll create a framework for our work together. At the end of our consultation, we’ll have defined your style, planned for your day-to-day life and gotten ready for your closet cleanse.

The style consultation is a critical part of all new client packages.


closet cleanse

We start with your go-to items: pieces that you wear often, that you know will make you feel good.  I bring a wardrobe rack to the session so that we can pull your favorite pieces out of your closet and get a true feel for what you currently wear and love (and most importantly, why you love it).

This sets the standard that we’ll compare the rest of your wardrobe to.

With what remains, we work together to figure out why it isn’t working. Is the fit a problem? Do you dislike the style? Have you been holding on to it for more than a decade without even realizing it?  Are you keeping clothes from a previous era of your life, such as that business formal job you had five years ago?

This part of the process involves a lot of trying on clothes and then deciding whether they’re worthy of being tailored to fit or will need to be donated or thrown out.

After clothes, we’ll move on to shoes and accessories.

Once we’ve pared everything down, we’ll rearrange and structure your closet to function efficiently.  


style notes

Once we’ve gone through the style consultation and closet cleanse, we will have learned a lot about you and your style.  After our session, I record these insights and distill them into a few key phrases for you to use going forward.

Style Notes are designed to help you stay focused and remind you of your likes, dislikes, lifestyle and style.  Along with the customized Mindful Shopping List, Style Notes give you goals to work toward and help you cut down on impulse decisions in the future.




customized mindful shopping list

After we have determined your personal style, de-cluttered your closet and made a plan to intentionally build your wardrobe, I’ll help you create a list of the holes in your wardrobe to plan for shopping.  

Classic, foundational pieces that you love and perfectly fit your body and lifestyle will be the priority on your Customized Mindful Shopping List.

We’ll also take your measurements to help determine your sizes.



mindful shopping

Once we have determined your style, streamlined your existing wardrobe and planned for your needs, we will schedule a personal shopping session.

If there is one thing that I hope you learn while working with me, it’s that shopping should not be mindless.

Instead of always looking for the next new thing, save that time and energy for what's really important in your life.

We’ll meet for our shopping trip at a location I’ve chosen specifically for you based on your style, your size, and your budget. Using the framework we created in the cleanse, I choose pieces that fit your ideal wardrobe and complete your collection.

Without having to do any of the searching, you show up to find a dressing room already filled with options.  For some clients, it makes more sense to order suggested options from online shops. In order to do that, I’ll provide you with multiple options to order and then we’ll get together for a try-on session.

Either way, mindful shopping is a process that takes time. It’s realistic to try on many items and only have a few that match your framework. Most people give up before they get there. Since I do half the work for you, you’ll have the energy to keep going until we find what you need.

digital lookbook

One of my greatest priorities is to empower you to feel confident in your style long after our session.  

In order to help you continue to use the insights uncovered in your style consultation, closet cleanse and while planning for shopping, I can create a digital lookbook for you.

The lookbook helps you remember the clothes in your closet and gives us the opportunity to collaborate on new looks and items on an ongoing basis. See how the digital lookbook works in detail here.

stylist on call

The stylist on call service includes ongoing support of your styling needs for three months following our initial consultation by text or email.

I’ll be on call to help you pack for a special trip, dress for a special occasion, plan for family photos or navigate a season change.  

(Please note: I am no longer offering gift certificates)


NOTE: Please check out the Making Space course for an interactive online experience that will lead you through the same process I use with in-person clients, including a 30-page workbook, weekly videos, a private Facebook group with unlimited access to me for questions, and a weekly live Q&A session.  

virtual personal styling sessions