my philosophy

I work with men and women to help them take the stress out of getting dressed by applying a minimalist philosophy to personal style.

We have too much, do too much and worry too much. And even though a life of too much isn’t working, we continue to buy things we don’t need.

But all of these options lead to more overwhelm. And more indecision. And more dissatisfaction with the way we’re living our every day lives.

I truly believe that letting go of what’s unnecessary and buying only what we’ll use and love can be the catalyst for so much positive change (and yes, the change I’m referring to goes far beyond our closets).

To me, minimalism doesn’t only mean white walls and black clothing. It means that you actually use everything you own. It means that you have control over what’s in your closet.

It means embodying the ideas that less is more, quality is more important than quantity and knowing yourself is the path to peace.

These principles have led me to develop the process below, which is the starting point for all new clients.