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icon: christene barberich

icon: christene barberich

Christene Barberich started out working for magazines like Gourmet and The New Yorker, but in 2005 she struck out on her own and founded the fashion website Refinery 29, one of my daily reads. As I've seen her featured on her own site and interviewed on others (including the New York Times), I've developed quite the fashion crush on her.

image via  refinery29

image via refinery29

Christene is an example of someone who has refined her style over time. Her style is completely unique and very fashion forward, but not trendy. It's not a style you can date, as in "that's so 2007". 

image via  refinery29

image via refinery29

The components of Christene's style are a creative use of print and pattern, chunky necklaces, vintage mixed with modern, and cool shades. She also appears to prefer a specific silhouette with long voluminous coats over cropped pants or midi-length skirts and dresses. 

image via  insidesource

image via insidesource

Christene mentions her love of thrifting and monthly closet de-clutterings often, which only intensifies my crush on her.

image via  stylelikeu

image via stylelikeu

As someone who got married in her backyard, I love this photo from her city hall wedding.

image via  refinery29

image via refinery29

Christene's style is a lesson in wearing what you love and what works for you, even if it might be something that would be a "don't" on some fashion lists. Aside from fashion, I'm inspired by the way Christene speaks in interviews about forging your own path through life and career, creating a vision, and making it happen.

image via  nymag

image via nymag