dacy gillespie

personal stylist, owner of mindful closet


dacy gillespie

personal stylist, owner of mindful closet

Tired of being overwhelmed every time you open your closet? You're in the right place. I believe that we have too much, do too much and worry too much. And even though a life of too much isn’t working, we continue to buy things we don’t need.

I truly believe that letting go of what’s unnecessary and buying only what we’ll use and love can be the catalyst for so much positive change (and yes, the change I’m referring to goes far beyond our closets). 

Want to hear more? Go here to get my tips on editing your closet, here for ways to shop mindfully, and here for how to define your personal style. Worked though all those and need more help? Check out the Making Space course, a self-paced online course that leads you through the exact process I use with my in-person clients to get them to a place of loving everything in their wardrobe (psst, there's a discount code if you sign up for the travel packing planner below).

Wondering why my business is called mindful closet? That story here.

mindful closet is a minimalist personal styling service based in St. Louis and serving clients worldwide


About me

I’m a classical musician turned personal stylist and minimalist. 

I grew up in Mobile, Alabama but have also lived in Portland, OR, Oberlin, OH, Houston, TX, New York, NY, and Miami, FL. 

I currently reside in a Mid-Century Modern home in a sweet little neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri with my husband (a bassist for the St. Louis Symphony), our rambunctious five-year-old son (who loves construction equipment, despite my best efforts to turn him on to dolls and clothes), and our new baby son.

I’m an introvert who loves people but hates talking on the phone, loves to eat but hates meal planning and loves to shop but hates spending money. 

I am obsessed with my surroundings and on a constant quest for perfection in my home.  Simple, beautiful living comes naturally to me and I love helping other people clear the clutter from their wardrobe, find beautiful pieces they love and enjoy the benefits of a simple, mindful approach to clothes.

You’ll often find me taking photos and keeping notes in my bullet journal (I’m a visual person, if I don't write it down, I won't remember it), scouring the web for great outfits for my clients and eating out at my favorite St. Louis restaurants.  

Aside from clothes and fashion, I’m currently obsessed with slow living and how mothers balance ambition and the demands of parenting. Read about my journey to minimalism here and my constant rebalancing of work and life here

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about my clients

about my clients


mindful closet clients are a diverse group of people seeking help with their style and a more mindful approach to shopping.

They are male, female, tall, petite and plus-sized.

They are college students,  professionals, stay-at-home moms and retirees.

They struggle with cluttered closets full of things they don’t actually like, major life transitions that require new wardrobes, finding clothes that actually fit and overcoming overwhelm at the store to figure out what to buy.

They run from totally in love with fashion to completely uninterested; totally in love with shopping to hating it so much they’d actually prefer someone else do it for them; and totally happy with their bodies to utterly frustrated with how their clothes look and feel.


49% of them have worked with me in the past and keep coming back.

For others, a few sessions was all it took to permanently educate them on the best way to shop and get dressed. The approach, which may seem simple, is focused on shifting from an impulse-driven, mindless consumer to a strategic, stylish, and most importantly, mindful consumer.

Learn more about the mindful closet process and how to work with me here.