"Growing up the majority of my clothes were hand-me-downs and I feel guilty if I spend what I perceive to be 'too much' on clothes. When I first became aware of mindful closet I assumed it was a luxury that I could not afford.  I could not have been more wrong! Dacy has the knowledge and experience to help you identify your personal style and takes it a step further by identifying essential items to add to your wardrobe AND the places to shop that will have clothes that not only match your style but also fit your budget.

I was very nervous about having her come over to my house because my only knowledge of these types of things is what you see on TV.  Even though I cried (Dacy did not get weirded out but did give me a much needed hug) I enjoyed the experience so much that two hours flew by.  By the time Dacy left I had a pile of clothes that were ready for a new home and several outfits created with items of clothing that I had been overlooking in my closet for years." 


I had a great time working with Dacy. It’s such a relief to have a more consolidated wardrobe, to know what pieces I need to focus on, and to know which pieces I should avoid. Dacy was incredibly helpful, easy to work with, and informative. To have an unbiased person go through my closet was hugely helpful, pieces in there were bogging down my opinions. Now I feel better about layering, putting multiple pieces together, and using accessories. I am a satisfied client.
— Veronica

"I recruited Dacy to take my mom shopping and help her buy a whole new wardrobe, after losing every piece of clothing she owned in a house fire. The whole process of completely starting over from scratch was absolutely overwhelming and there's no way we could have done it without help.

Dacy was so amazing - she had a phone consult with my mom to discuss style/needs and then she "pre-shopped" for us and had tons of items in dressing rooms waiting for us to try on. She got my mom to try on styles, colors and items she never would have tried and ended up loving.

It started off incredibly emotional for my mom, but by the end of the day she was dancing around in her new clothes and feeling so good about herself. Dacy taught her how to shop for her body type, occasion and style - something she'd never really done before. We got everything from undergarments to wardrobe staples, shoes and accessories. It was a good (and exhausting) day.

I can't begin to explain what a huge confidence and mood booster this was for my mom. She's now excited about her new clothing and shopping for herself, instead of being so sad about all the clothing items she no longer had. It was a great experience."

-Sara M.

I just want to let you know how much of an impact your visit last month made on me. I never would have thought that I would hire a stylist. My impression of stylists was always snobby women who dressed their clients up in fancy, expensive clothes. That’s obviously not you at all! I can’t believe what we accomplished in two hours and the money spent was so worth it. I have felt so much better about my clothes, and I continue to let go of pieces that don’t work for me anymore. I spent a lot of time looking for just the right items, bought good quality, and I love them all! I am planning to be in touch in the spring for help with the new season.
— Michelle

"Shopping for clothes is often an angst ridden experience for me. Not so with Dacy in charge! She efficiently helped me to find dresses with the perfect waistline and cut to be most flattering for my body type. I also discovered I have been wasting time trying on clothes of the wrong size.

I feel so good wearing the items we picked together - and have been getting lots of compliments on them, even from strangers on the street!"

- Carolyn

I had a great time (I can’t believe myself) clothes shopping with Dacy. We went to Ann Taylor Loft and Nordstrom’s. By the time I got there, each had a dressing room full of stuff for me to try on. And we did! So cute! My style, my taste and my size. Thanks so much for helping me find all the beautiful clothes…AND THEY FIT ME!!! I am loving them.
— Cathy

I was apprehensive at first about using a personal stylist.  I can do this on my own…it will cost too much…all went through my head.  I was amazed to find that Dacy actually saved me money as she shops for bargains, uses coupons, etc. compared to my infrequent shopping trips where I was in a hurry and paid list price.  

She updated my wardrobe instantly and I didn’t have to leave home to do it.  Dacy’s personality is perfect for this…she’s very approachable and kind…but willing to politely push you when you’ve hung onto something in your closet for too long.  I highly recommend working with Dacy!

- Jason

I really appreciated your calm, cool demeanor and kind way of handling the clothes I had and the issues I had with them. I never once felt embarrassed or uncomfortable. You are great at putting someone at ease in what is obviously a really personal situation.

I also liked how customized your service really is - you seem to value the fact that everyone is going to have unique issues and so there’s not a perfect formula for how you interact, you can just go with the flow and tailor it to what they need most. I learned how to tackle the Nordstrom Rack craziness and how to speed through the mall staples. I also learned you should take half days off work to go shopping so you don’t have to torture yourself on the weekend!

I seriously feel so much better. I wore the jacket yesterday and just smiled whenever I caught my reflection - I felt pulled together, just like I wanted! Thank you so much. I feel a million times more confident.
— Colleen

"Reading Dacy's blog made me think about how much I’d come to hate shopping. I didn’t like most of the clothes in my closet-even the new stuff. I often went out in outfits that I felt were boring, inappropriate for the event or my personality, or just less than great. And I was worried I was slipping into that no-man's land where a person is still wearing styles from decades ago-usually from when that person was in her early 20’s. If I could buy a few hours and get some objective advice, then I’d likely stop wasting money on clothes I didn’t like. Maybe I could have an easier time picking outfits for going out. Maybe I could enjoy shopping for me again.

Suddenly, hiring her seemed like a good idea-a really good idea. She came over and helped me get a better idea of what my style was, who might be good style icons for me, and what I could buy to build a wardrobe I’d love. I’m still working on all of the above, but feeling better about my outfits and clothing purchases. Someone even called me "stylish" recently!"


You’ve changed my perspective on how I view my wardrobe and how I approach shopping. You really showed me how simple it is to mix and match items to create multiple outfits. Now I see what I need to make my wardrobe more complete and functional. When I go shopping now, I know exactly what items to look for rather than buying random pieces that simply appeal to me.

I really appreciated your objectivity. You never tried to change my personal style. Rather you helped me identify it and showed me what pieces I currently have that fit that style. It was also helpful that you took the time to make a board on Pinterest and Polyvore. I ended up buying some of the items you suggested because they were perfect! All in all you really helped to boost my self-confidence. So thank you!
— Sara H.

"I received a gift certificate from my son and daughter-in-law for a few hours of consultation time with Dacy for my last birthday. What a fabulous gift that turned out to be!! I've always loved clothes, but over the past few years I've been frustrated in finding things I really liked as well as putting together outfits from things I had.  

I'm semi-retired, so I need some clothes for work, but I also wanted some clothes that I would enjoy wearing when I'm with my kids and grandkids.  I met with Dacy two times, and each time was amazing.  The first time she came to my house and helped me consider each item of clothing I had in my closet, deciding whether I really loved it and felt good wearing it.  If not, she encouraged me to donate it, which seemed easy to do.  As we worked, she kept a list of items I said I needed or would like to have.  She also made suggestions as to different ways I could combine things I already had.  Then a few weeks later we set up a time to meet at Nordstrom Rack.  When I arrived, Dacy met me at the door with a shopping cart filled with clothes she had already selected for me to try on, most of which were items she had listed on our first visit.  This was such an efficient use of time! My try-on session went very quickly, and we worked together deciding whether each piece was something I loved and felt good wearing. 

These sessions were both so much fun!!  Dacy was a delight to work with, always encouraging as well as honest in her assessment. Her outstanding sense of style as well as natural creativity with clothes was evident throughout our sessions. I’m looking forward to another visit in the spring!"

- Lori

Your help with wardrobe consultation and shopping was invaluable. We were very busy with work and school activities right up until the morning that we left for the trip. We were busy from 7 am until 11 pm each day in DC, and it was great to have already pre-planned what we were wearing.”

UPDATE: “The time that we spent with you last spring still influences how we shop, dress, etc. As we clean out our closets and shop for new items, we think about how you helped us and the advice that you gave us. I think that your sense of style, wardrobe planning skills, and the encouragement to get rid of what we’re not regularly wearing have influenced us the most. I still don’t like shopping, but working with you has helped me to put together outfits for myself with less stress.
— Joanne and Sarah

 "Let me start by saying that I ABSOLUTELY love Dacy!!!! I was never more comfortable trying on clothes in my life. I have gained some weight since I had hip surgery 2 years ago, so of course I needed to buy some new clothes. Lacking any fashion sense that doesn't involve scrubs or workout clothes, I needed some help. I found Dacy from just a simple Google search. Best Google search of my life.

She came over to inspect my closet which was pretty easy because I can't remember the last time I really went shopping. We donated some of the clothes to Goodwill, others I will be taking to a consignment shop. Then to the shopping. She preshopped for me so I could get the most out of my time with her and tons of clothes were waiting for me when I walked into the stores. Dacy told me not to look at any sizes because fit is more important and I really took that to heart. It was probably the best shopping trip of my life. She made me so comfortable and we had a great time. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. She really did change my life."


"At some point I lost my ability to 'put myself together' -- because of my life stage, personal interests, and professional life, I was no longer able to concentrate on my 'look'. I was buying alot of clothing items that didn't fit or reflect what I wanted to look like. My closet was growing, but my look was deteriorating, and my patience was wearing thin.

Whenever I have an area to improve on, I like to consult a professional. I ride horses and I have a professional trainer help me become a better rider, my son needs help in Math so he has a tutor. I sought out Dacy initially to help me find pants that fit. What I got was a whole lot more!

By graciously pushing me a little outside my comfort zone, she has helped me find the secret to pants that fit, and much more. She knows what is in style and how clothes are supposed to fit (expertise that I don't have). In a few short hours, she helped me weed out the clothes in my closet that were not fashionable and were worn out, and discovered several fashionable outfits that I would have never put together with the clothes I already had. All this for a price of a few pieces of clothing (that I really don't need now). I don't have to spend time keeping up with trends or figuring out what goes with what - she will take care of that for me.

As we continue to work together, we will build a simple, yet stylish wardrobe that is short on quantity, but long on quality! After only two sessions together, I get compliments almost daily on my look - and feel fabulous on the outside every day -- which helps my mood on the inside to keep up!"

-Pam M.

"I feel so blessed to have found Dacy! Over the past year, the amount of money I was spending on clothing in comparision to the amount of clothes I felt comforable wearing was discouraging. Every evening, selecting an outfit to wear the next day was time consuming and frustrating!

After numerous shopping trips and cleansing of my closet, the thought occured to me that I needed professional assistance. There were a few stylists I came across while researching whom to reach out to, I could tell they just weren't the right selection for my person needs. The moment I came across Mindful Closet, I knew instantly Dacy was the perfect one to compliment my personality and style needs. Happy to say, I was correct!

Dacy and I began by looking at the foundation, the existing pieces in my closet. She offered thoughful advice on what to donate, and what to keep, along with how to style the pieces. This service alone breathed new life into my existing wardrobe. Our next step was a two-hour shopping trip. This was probably my favorite! Dacy and I explored two stores I had never shopped at before. I tried on a bunch of fun, unexpected pieces. Without spending too much, I walked away with lots of new items, plus the confidence of planning outfits each week. 

Connecting with Dacy has made a HUGE impact on my life. I plan on working with her for years to come."

-Shannon T.

Dacy removed a lot of clothing I did not wear or was not the right fit or style for me. She made a few suggestions to help fill gaps to round out the wardrobe. Each morning, I now open my closet to find that each piece of clothing is something I’d like to wear and feel good when wearing. Without Dacy, that would not have happened!
— David N.

"I really liked the flexibility you offered for scheduling our sessions.  My week always seems to be packed, whether or not it is Christmas-time, so I really appreciate you coming on Saturday afternoons. I also really liked the process, going through the closet piece-by-piece and finishing with an action item list. I really could go on and on about the good things.  You were very comforting at the beginning because it is an emotional process, mentally draining because of the time, and just daunting to go through a collection of clothes that dates from high school. Thanks again for your help!"


I worked with Dacy in August of 2015, and was immediately impressed by how personal and professional she is. I travel for my job in a creative profession, and Dacy has made packing for different occasions and climates SO much easier. I get compliments on my style much more frequently, and I feel like I can create MORE outfits while packing lighter.

It's absolutely worth the time and effort to work with Dacy - I spend so much less time and money shopping for things that end up stuck in the back of my closet! I'm meeting with her again soon to re-assess my spring and summer wardrobe. Whenever people compliment me on my style now, I let them know that I actually did work with a professional. From the outside, it seems like something so luxurious or fancy... like only celebrities would need it or be able to afford it. However, my experience with Dacy really showed me how much less I could buy, if I bought better pieces. I really cannot believe how effective the few hours that I spent with her were.

If you are at ALL curious about working with Dacy, I encourage you to do it!

- Allison

I don’t have anything to wear” - that is what I would find myself saying all the time even though I had 2 full closets full of clothes! I found that I would just wear my yoga pants and t-shirts most of the time and ignored the rest of my closet, mainly because I was overwhelmed by the quantity.

My thoughtful husband heard me talking about my inability to deal with my clothes and got me several hours with Dacy for my birthday. 1/2 that time was spent “cleansing” my closet. I am one of those people who loves bargain shopping - I am addicted to it I think! Anyway, I had way too many clothes - some that were 30 years old!

After going through my clothes and really pinning down a style that worked for me, Dacy and I went shopping and she picked out all the clothes ahead of time! It was really fun. I just tried on stuff and decided what to buy. A week later she came over and we talked about what outfits we could make with my new and old clothes. She has a great app where she will put together outfits for you and make suggestions for additional items needed. At this point I feel much better about my wardrobe and actually find myself wearing stuff I haven’t worn in a long time! I will probably want to call on her from time to time for additional help. Thanks so much Dacy!
— Robin

In the last few months I've tried to be deliberate in modernizing my appearance. Much of my decisions on what to wear were based on outdated assumptions I picked up from my parents. I wasn't making a whole lot of progress. Dacy helped me update my style and trim down my closet to (1) simplify my wardrobe, (2) adjust my assumptions, and (3) improve my appearance. Although my wife would probably tell me that these were all suggestions that had been made to me in the past, sometimes a little outside help is required to get over the hump.

Dacy is responsive to communications and her solutions use technology well to make the whole experience painless. The pre-meeting homework I was assigned I was able to complete using my phone while waiting for a delayed flight. It is apparent that she thinks about how to make the process easy for her clients.

The closet cleanse portion of the service is particularly valuable. By discussing just about every article of clothing I owned I was able to learn quite a bit about what does and does not work with respect to my own style. Further, if you need to justify the expense, my already trimmed down closet yielded enough in tax deductible donations to pay for the time. I also rediscovered some clothes that I should have in my regular rotation but had forgotten about.

A very useful service. Would recommend to anyone thinking about being more deliberate in how they appear.

- Tom

I LOVED my closet cleanse and shopping trip with Dacy. Our shopping trip was fun and so easy! I didn’t feel pressured into buying anything I wasn’t in love with and she helped me see that I can versatile pieces in one shopping trip. I highly recommend booking a shopping trip with her no matter how you feel about shopping you will have an amazing time - and go home with cute clothes that fit you!
— Erin

Working with Dacy has changed my life. No, seriously. It’s amazing how much clothes really affect how you go through life, and getting that whole area together makes such an incredible impact.

I’ve always been okay with clothes, but never really had a good sense of style. I would usually just find something kind of unique and wear the crap out of it to be a little different. Or I’d end up in the usual staple: jeans or shorts and a t-shirt. I felt like I could always do better, look a little better, have a really cool look like so many women I’d see on Instagram or Pinterest. But I had no idea how to put that together myself!

And that’s where Dacy came in. We went through a full closet cleanout session and a subsequent shopping trip, and she was so helpful. I love her process and her whole business model – be mindful of what choices you’re making with your clothing. Keep it simple. Invest in quality. I love how we started with a questionnaire and a discussion of preferences and style; Dacy didn’t just try to pick stuff for me and disregard how I felt about things. She worked with me to incorporate the things that I liked, and gave me explanations when she recommended taking things out. By the end of our first session, I felt like finally I could elevate my style and not look like an idiot.

Dacy helped me make a shopping list for pieces that I needed in my wardrobe. She gave me direction on how to put together outfits, including accessorizing. And most importantly – she taught me how to wear a scarf! Sometime I’d been wanting to learn forever, and now a staple of my wardrobe. Throughout the seasons, Dacy has been very supportive and thoughtful of me as a client, always responding to questions or sending little notes about items that would be good for me. That kind of attention to detail and follow-up is pretty amazing, and much appreciated.

With Dacy’s help, I’ve become a whole lot more confident about what I wear every day. I find it a lot easier to make very cute outfit choices that go well above and beyond jeans and a t-shirt. And even better, she has helped me develop a true style that I feel good about. Things that look good, feel good, and inspire confidence that spreads throughout my everyday life.

I have recommended Dacy over and over again in the last year, and I will continue to do so forever. She’s smart and knowledgeable about style, she’s easy to work with, and the results of working with her speak for themselves. Highly recommended in every way.


Eliminating clothes from my closet could have been tragically painful. Instead it seemed like the easiest decisions I had made in a long time. My closet has since undergone two additional revisions with Dacy and another on my own. She helped me find the freedom of owning less. I know I wasn't her easiest client. I was a classic over buyer, a buyer for what if occasions and "when I'm a smaller size." I was bargain buyer. It didn't matter what it was, if the price was low enough I bought it. The number of things with price tags still on them was embarrassing! I seldom tried on clothes before buying them and then failed to return them. My shopping habits were awful!

A shopping trip with Dacy is so much fun, too! She's an amazing little worker bee when you try on clothes. She saves you so much hassle and time by removing the clothing from hangers and then rehanging everything. The best part is how sweetly she lets you know that something just isn't right for you. That alone in invaluable!

Thanks to Dacy, I have reformed my bad shopping habits. I have developed a wardrobe that makes me feel both professional and comfortable. I look forward to many more consultations with Dacy in the future!

Everyone should do themselves a favor by working with Dacy. You will have an amazing self image as the result!