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men seldom make passes...

men seldom make passes...

at girls who wear glasses. Except the really smart men, right, Ms. Parker?

This was a day that I just wanted to be comfortable and then ended up really loving what I was wearing, like, a lot . This is my Vince ribbed poncho sweater (available only on ebay now), a grey tee from Pink Blush Maternity, Old Navy leggings, Lucky Brand boots, and Target scarf.

winter pregnancy style

I love this scarf so. much. I've worn it all winter (often with a second scarf for warmth when I go outside) and it'll work in warmer weather too since it's so lightweight. I usually make it into an infinity scarf by tying the two ends together (it's a long rectangle) and then just looping it around my neck several times. Then I adjust it so that the tie ends up in back.

Let's hope this is one of my last winter outfits, amiright?