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posts i read that i loved

Time for another round of posts I read that I loved (thanks again Mindy Kaling
for the title inspiration)! 

How amazing is that closet? Jen over at The Effortless Chic tapped style organizer Lisa Adams for her tips on bringing that glamourous feeling to your closet here.

Design for Mankind is an amazing blog which usually focuses on design, but Erin took some time to write about how clothing can sometimes make us feel bad, and why - here.

You know I'm kindof obsessed with simplifying and Bea over at Zero Waste Home is doing that to an extreme. We can't all reduce what we throw out to almost zilch, but we can enjoy her tips on how to wear a striped shirt (clearly another one of my obsessions) many different ways, in other words, reuse - here
(PS No Impact Man is a good documentary about the same topic.)

Lastly, I so wish I had the motivation to do this DIY via Stripes and Sequins, but alas, I know myself too well. But! This is an awesome necklace, so please, someone, make it!! 

That is all. Happy Monday!

posts i read that i loved

Lots of goodness out there so far this week....

garance dore, photo by scott schuman

garance dore, photo by scott schuman

I'm excited to spend time outside again - Caitlin has a great breakdown of an outdoor space here: and she also had a lovely post with some very calm and serene inspiration here:

I always find it so interesting to read about others' career paths - here's Garance's:

I've been a reader of Anh's blog for a long time, and now she's pregnant - have you ever seen a more chic soon-to-be-mom?

Jessica is a grad student pursuing a Ph.D. in biomedical research and still manages to look cute! Check out her 50 wardrobe staples here:

posts i read that i loved

Goings-on around the interwebs:


My fashion idol, Sofia Coppola, has a new movie which will show at Cannes this summer:

Mara says "You only have a certain amount of energy each day, so you need to use it carefully". I say don't waste it debating what to wear!

A nice compilation of sophisticated shift dresses over at WhoWhatWear: 

Garance, the queen of streetstyle bloggers, did an interview with Dries Van Noten, one of my favorite designers, and he might be the most down-to-earth person in fashion.

More cute dresses, these from designer Lauren Moffat: