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maternity style for hot weather

maternity style for hot weather

I'm such a proponent of mindful consumption that it's been hard to admit to myself that I needed a fair amount of new clothes to get me through the last trimester of this pregnancy. However, I often get asked what people should do during body transitions (of any kind) and my answer is always buy clothes that fit!! Your sense of self is changing enough that the last thing you need is to feel uncomfortable and unattractive in clothes that are too small or too big. I needed to take my own advice. 

maternity style for hot weather

Above: sunglasses, dress, shoes* - No. 6 not currently available

During my first pregnancy, I was able to do a lot more layering because I was pregnant during the winter and spring. This time around, since I'm due in late August, and because summers in St. Louis are brutal, I needed more lightweight, stand-alone items. Jeans will not be working for me this summer. 

Here's most of what I've purchased. 

TOP ROW jumpsuit: Asos, jumpsuit: Urban Outfitters, dress: Target via Poshmark*

SECOND ROW kimono dress: Not Perfect Linen* (actually still haven't received since it's made to order), shorts: Asos, dress: Asos

BOTTOM ROW  tee: Asos, striped top: Nordstrom Rack, cargo pants: Liz Lange secondhand* (same)

I tried to find as much as I could secondhand (all of my jeans and leggings have been secondhand) or from ethical retailers (marked with an *), but it's tough for maternity. Storq is one of the only ethical maternity brands I'm aware of, and none of the pieces were right for me (a reader just reminded me of Boob Design, but they're in Australia and shipping and returning is pretty pricy). It's a very weird feeling to buy this many items of clothing so quickly when this is usually about what I'd buy in an entire year, but again, you have to have clothes that fit! I'm hoping this will get me through to the end, but if it doesn't, it doesn't. 

P.S. The comfy bras I'm wearing now that my others don't fit (go here to get 20% off this  - I'll get a credit too) and the affordable maternity swimsuit I'm loving. 

P.P.S. Follow me on Instagram to see my maternity outfits in real time. 

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first trimester (ethical) maternity style

first trimester (ethical) maternity style

Before it becomes old news, I thought I'd post a few photos from a photo shoot I did with my favorite photographer, Celeste Boyer. This was in the early stages of my pregnancy, and I was enjoying dressing the bump with layers. Of course, now it's boiling hot in St. Louis and I could never get away with any of these things! Enjoy. 

maternity style
ethical maternity style

Tee: secondhand via Goodwill, cardigan: Aritizia (similar), jeans: secondhand via Goodwill (similar), clogs: No. 6 (similar).

first trimester maternity pregnancy style
pregnancy style

Top: Elizabeth Suzann Linn tee, same jeans and clogs as above. 

Everything I'm wearing for these maternity shots is either ethically made or secondhand, which I was able to get away with before the heat wave hit. More about purchases I've had to make for the hot weather in a future post! 

bare legs in february

bare legs in february's been a minute. Looks like I haven't blogged for about six weeks! January was insanely busy, with everyone who received gift certificates for Christmas wanting to schedule right away. In February, I was so grateful to have the chance to tag along on a trip to Spain with mr. mindful closet (see my travel packing tips here). We've still been working on finding the best balance for our family between childcare and work. In the fall, we started our son in full time preschool, and though it was nice to have time to put into mindful closet, it felt like too much time apart for everyone. We decided to drop down to only three days of childcare/preschool a week, so there's been a bit more momming and a bit less working happening lately. It feels right (right now), but as we've learned, what works is constantly changing. Frustrating for a planner like me, but good for working on my flexibility and patience. 

mindful closet: dress and boots

Hasn't this weather been crazy? And by crazy, I mean crazy good. It's so easy to just throw on a dress and boots and walk out the door without even a jacket. I've always wanted to live in California, so if I can just keep getting California's weather in St. Louis, I'll take it!

I bought this dress about four years ago at a consignment shop for about $40, and it's earned its keep for sure. Made of tencel, it doesn't wrinkle, and looks nicer than cotton. Easy to dress up or down, with a scarf or without, with sandals or boots. It's one of my go-to items for trip packing as well. Since I've had it so long, I was shocked to find it still available on Zappos - check it out. My necklace is old from Need Supply, but here's a similar version on Etsy, and my boots are Blondo.

Have you been enjoying summer in February? 

mindful closet st louis personal stylist

(photos by Celeste Boyer)

cool mornings, warm days

cool mornings, warm days

I’m so grateful that we’ve been spared much cold weather thus far this fall. The weather has been chilly in the mornings, but then warming up considerably throughout the day. Most days, I’ve only needed a sweater, not a coat, but it’s nice to have a few pieces that can do double duty.

saint louis personal stylist

Dusters are everywhere this fall, but I’m on the shorter side (5’3”), so I wanted one that was still above the knee. This sweater is comfy and cozy for brisk mornings. I made it work appropriate for some client meetings by adding boots with a heel, a silk tunic, and some jewelry. I found this sweater secondhand at The Vault, but here is a similar quality version (in regular and plus sizes) and a lower-priced version (regular, plus).

mindful closet: minimalist personal stylist
mindful closet: st. louis personal stylist

I’m also wearing AG jeans (purchased on sale at Nordstrom Anniversary sale), Eileen Fisher tunic (purchased discounted at Nordstrom Rack and hemmed), Dolce Vita booties (similar) and an old Madewell necklace. 

What are your tips for chilly mornings and warm days?

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i did the dress over pants

i did the dress over pants


As I mentioned in a recent post, I was interested in trying the dress over pants trend. 

dress over pants

I don't know, maybe doing leggings is kindof cheating, but since they're leather, they're pretty substantial! I liked it. What do you think?

Photos by Celeste Boyer

Photos by Celeste Boyer

heat advisory

heat advisory

We are in what is hopefully the last hot stretch of the summer. All I want to wear for work is this outfit which is breezy and cool. I'll admit, most of the time I wear it with more comfortable shoes, but for a recent mom's night out, I went fancy. ;) 

saint louis personal stylist

I'm wearing an Eileen Fisher top, Madewell culottes (sold out but similar), Madewell sandals (sold out but similar), and old Forever 21 necklace (similar). Lots of Madewell these days. Keep your eye out for an event at the Plaza Frontenac store with yours truly and some extra discounts!


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why i don't talk much about body types

why i don't talk much about body types

I often get asked “I have ____ body type, what should I wear?” My answer is usually “wear whatever the hell you want to wear.” That probably annoys people, and I understand if that doesn’t sound very helpful, but the truth is that what you should wear should come from you. It doesn’t have to be based on your body shape or your coloring. You don't have to wear what's "most flattering".

saint louis personal stylist mindful closet

An example: as you may have noticed, my favorite silhouette is the skinny on bottom/drapey on top. This look is technically best for someone with a midsection that they want to hide, a smaller bottom half and great legs. I am pear shaped, with bigger hips, bigger thighs, a bigger butt, and smaller shoulders and upper body. I’ve gotten to a place where I just say these things as statements of reality. None of it is necessarily negative, just body parts in proportion to other body parts.

Since I have a smaller top half and waist, most experts would say that my ideal silhouette is a high-waisted full skirt or dress. But you know what? That silhouette doesn’t fit my personal style. My style is not girly or retro or overly feminine and I would feel super uncomfortable wearing clothes that are. I’ve had clients with the same issues and while I could say objectively that they looked smaller in the “flattering” items, they would rather wear something slightly less flattering that felt more like them.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to give you my opinion. If the color of your top is too close to your skin tone, I’m going to tell you I don’t think it’s a good idea. If you are wearing something that hits you at the exact widest part of your body, I’ll talk to you about proportion and line. But what we’ll do is figure out the look that you want FIRST, and then make it work for your body SECOND. Different body types can all work with the same kinds of looks.

When you’re wearing what you love, you exude a confidence that’s more authentic than any flattering item will give you. It took me a long time to get to this place. Hopefully I can make the process faster and easier for you! Check out "work with me" for more on how you can get help with your fall wardrobe. 

(Sign up for the mindful closet Making Space course to follow the process I use with my clients to define their style, edit their wardrobes, and move to a mindful way of shopping. )