In the interest of getting out and exploring our area, my husband and I decided to go to the International Horseradish Festival (we live in the midwest, not Paris, after all).  Apparently 85% of all horseradish in the WORLD is grown in Southern Illinois, who knew? The Festival is held in Collinsville, IL, about a 30 minute drive from St. Louis.

So, what goes on at a horseradish festival? At first, I was a little disppointed, since there basically seemed to be only a handful of food and craft vendors, with one performing area. But I just wasn't paying attention.

There was every kind of horseradish condiment you could imagine, and people to share recipes and tips about using the root itself. There was a horseradish toss (note the pile of roots on the ground, awaiting their turn). There was a golf ball carved out of a horseradish root, which mr. mindful closet couldn't resist. There was a show by Joe the Juggler, who actually had the dry sense of humor (and coloring) of Louis CK mixed with a family-friendly circus performer.

Per usual, I had to check out the fashion. From left: rocking the neons with authority, my kind of simple and classic outfit, and the boho babes.

Dairyn Tye, Miss Madison County and Avery Wasser, Junior Miss Madison County (thanks, Google), a trio of cuties, and a very dapper hat-sporting couple.


Since it was on the way home and I'd always wanted to go, we stopped to check out Cahokia Mounds. This city was larger than London was in 1250 AD! Not bad when you can learn about horseradish and ancient civilizations all in one day.