My goal is to help people have an organized, streamlined closet that makes getting dressed easy. One surefire way to acheive this by having a uniform. To most people that might sound like an awful idea, wearing the same thing all of the time. But if it's what you love and feel good in, it's just going to free up brain space for other more important decisions. That reason is exactly why many schools have recently instituted uniform policies - to keep distractions to learning to a minimum. While a uniform can be restrictive to creativity, it also doesn't have to be as boring or unfashionable as a pleated skirt and white blouse. Let's look at a couple of examples.

Ironically, two of the women who do it best are two who the media have painted as mortal enemies: Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie. Jennifer Aniston even talked about it recently in Glamour Magazine: "I pretty much have my uniform. A boyfriend jean, a wedge, a tank top. At night, I change the tank top to black and add some chains. Even on the red carpet, it has to be comfortable. I usually try to get some form of a T-shirt that looks like a gown. Like a longer tank top. A tank top, but with glitter on it."

Both women always look comfortable, like they actually walk in their shoes, not just from hotel to car to red carpet. Both women wear mostly neutrals: Angelina - grey, black, and nude; Jennifer - white, denim, and khaki. Both women have what would be considered "classic" style: Angelina - more of a sophisticated classic, and Jennifer - a girl-next-door classic. Both women favor clean lines and little embellishment for evening. And most people would agree that these two women have good personal style (except for maybe the odd leg pose here or there). 

Do you like these women's style? Would you change it up more or could you ever do a uniform? If so, what would it be?

(P.S. I don't recommend googling "Angelina Jolie nude flats". Just don't.) 


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