I crossed several things off of my wish list this month. Two that I've been wearing non-stop since buying are my new trench coat and white blouse.

The trench coat is from the Gap. It was $80 and I had $20 in rewards from my Gap credit card.  (here with H&M blouse, James jeans and Target wedges)

Gap trench.jpg

When I'm deciding on a purchase, I usually take a photo to help me decide (I turn off the sound on my phone so people don't hear camera noises coming from my dressing room!). This isn't the most flattering pic of me, but the coat looks great, so it was a yes.

The other piece I can't stop wearing is this silky white blouse from H&M ($24). Seriously, I have worn this same outfit at least 5 times over the last two weeks with different shoes and jewelry. It's simple, I feel good in it, so why not? In case you missed it, that's how the French do it!

hm blouse.jpg

Since I'm sharing, here's the dressing room pic of the blouse.


Do you have any new items you can't get enough of?