...don't buy too much in advance. I'm the kind of person who likes to prepare for everything. I do research, I think too much, I plan ahead. Guess what? That does not work for pregnancy (and I'm guessing child-rearing, too!). Despite my best efforts to buy/save things that work in late pregnancy (thankfully, mostly thrifted or resale), I found myself with a bunch of things that didn't work and nothing that fit. Despite my determination not to, I ate my words and went out and bought a bunch of new things. I had some rewards points from using my Gap credit card, so I headed to the Old Navy in Ladue, which carries maternity wear in the store. Here's what I bought:

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A note about the jeans: everyone has different preferences on low or full panel waistbands, and up until the last few weeks, I was all about the full panel. Unfortunately, at a certain point, the full panel no longer covered my entire stomach and now I prefer the low panel. Again, no way to know until I got there. My friend Annemieke did warn me I'd have to buy new jeans in the last month...

I love the olive green dress. It's so soft and comfy, and as I've mentioned before, I feel (whether it's true or not) that more fitted things are more flattering on me right now. Ironically, I would never wear something this body-conscious without being pregnant, but the belly just takes attention away from any other spots I might not normally want to highlight. (worn with BaubleBar necklace and very old Urban Outfitters grecian sandals).


Last weekend, we met up with some friends in Tower Grove park, and for once, got a photo of me AND my husband, Dave.


Just last night, I wore the dress again to a dressier event, the Rebecca Minkoff show for Saint Louis Fashion Week. (with flea market necklace, thrifted clutch, and old Nine West sandals)


All in all, I'm very happy with my purchases and don't feel like they were frivolous or unnecessary. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do (more on this soon...)