My reflections on the Project 333 capsule wardrobe so far: super easy, love it.

mindful closet capsule wardrobe

However, I've officially reached the point of wanting to shop for new things. I'm obsessing over finding a new bag (as much as I love mine, it is SO heavy. Le Sportsac is ironically cool, right? I also like this one that a client has). I'm obsessing over this sweater that Grechen posted about last week (she helpfully reminded me in the comments that there might be a discount in the after-Thanksgiving Day sales). I slipped up and bought a cropped J. Crew trench for $7 and a very much needed white long sleeve tee for $2 at Savers. Today, I bought thisEileen Fisher tank for 92% off retail price, mostly because I used up all my willpower resisting this bag at 70% off. At least it can go in my spring capsule, so it's not technically adding to this one...?

Very much first world problems. 

Clearly, this post has lots of affiliate links. Gotta get up to $100 before I get paid! It's taken me three years to get to $48.41. #notaprofessionalblogger



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