I almost never wear shorts. I don't think there's anything wrong with them on other people, but I just feel too much like a little kid when I wear them. I own three pairs: a black pair and a khaki pair that I thrifted just to have something for super hot days, and these. I found them at Rack+Clutch a few summers ago and they've survived many closet purges. They're great for throwing on with a tank top to go to the pool, but I also love them dressed up for a night out, for what mr. mindful closet likes to call my "formal shorts" look.

mindful closet: formal shorts

As I'm looking at this photo, it occurs to me that I could have thrown on a necklace to finish the look a bit more. And in case you're wondering, I live in fear of being without a way to pull my hair up, so I always have a ponytail holder on my wrist. Oh well, not every outfit is going to be Pinterest-perfect. That's life. I'm also wearing a Three Dots tee from Ivy Hill and thrifted wedges (these are similar). 


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