Have you ever put on something that felt like the best representation of yourself? That's how I feel when I wear this dress. To be perfectly honest, I probably didn't need it when I bought it, but I knew that it would be something that I reached for over and over. 

mindful closet saint louis personal stylist

I feel cool in it, and I honestly don't care whether anyone else agrees! It's from Banana Republic, but no longer available in stores - here's a link to the dress in white on eBay. 

Earlier this summer, after a client bought these shoes, I'd started looking for a similar style. I pinned a bunch of examples to my summer sandal search Pinterest board. 

saint louis personal stylist

(top row of Pinterest images: Nine West Breezie here, Jeffrey Campbell Lorah here, Vince Addie here, Lauren Conrad from Kohl's peep toe booties here.)

Having the style I wanted clearly defined made it easy to pull the trigger when I saw the ones I'm wearing at a great price (sorry can't find the exact style online!). 

Lastly, are you for or against expensive sunglasses? I know from first hand experience that I will inevitably dive into a lake with them on, leave them in the driver's seat and sit on them, or just plain lose any nice pair of sunglasses, so it's one thing I don't invest much in. I really like these from The Limited, and I've actually made it through the whole summer with them intact.

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