I've gotten into a pattern of only photographing outfits when they're something new or different or I have to get more dressed up than usual. Rest assured, I am still repeating outfits most days. If you find something that works and you feel good in, why not? There are usually enough small variations so that they're not exactly the same. Here are a few recent ones.


Not surprisingly, many repeat outfits involved striped tops, skinny jeans, and boots. Above: thrifted striped tee, thrifted Gap faux fur vest, thrifted Indigo Blue jeans, Steve Madden Intyce boots.

mindful closet.png

Thrifted Forever 21 dress, thrifted Indigo Blue jeans, Old Navy boots (no longer available).

And here are a few more, previously photographed, but also getting repeat action.

repeat outfits.png

Have you been repeating outfits this winter? Anything that makes getting dressed easier is a positive in my book!