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my winter capsule wardrobe

my winter capsule wardrobe






a work uniform for busy spells

a work uniform for busy spells

I don't like being busy. It's one of the reasons why I've left several jobs in the past. It may sound like a luxury to be able to say that, but the truth is, I'd much rather put myself on a strict budget than make more money and be busy. It's a personal choice. (Speaking of managing money, my husband and I are OB-sessed with this guy) Having said that, I've learned that in certain businesses, like personal styling, the busy-ness comes in waves. Spring/fall=crazy.  Between the last month and appointments scheduled for May, I'll be working with SIXTEEN new clients - multiple sessions each! I know that it'll slow down for summer and I'm grateful
to be doing what I love.

mindful closet st louis personal shopper stylist

Odds are, if you're one of those clients, you've seen me in this outfit. When things are crazy, it helps to not have to think about what to wear. I feel professional, comfortable, and "me" in this look - it's simple and clean but has enough unique details to satisfy me. The silk blouse is the same one from this post. A friend actually handed down these pants to me. Normally, I think hand-me-downs are a terrible idea, because you often feel compelled to hang on to things you wouldn't normally buy and that aren't quite right. If that happens to you, politely accept the gift you're being offered and then promptly donate whatever you won't wear. Every so often, you get something perfect, like these pants. The shoes are a purchase from Marshall's a few years ago, and I love the metallic heel and ankle strap detail. The bag is great for containing notebooks, camera, and measuring tapes I use for appointments. You can barely see it, but I'm also wearing a brass plate necklace that I got last summer at Forever 21.

mindful closet work uniform personal stylist

What's your go-to professional look? Do you get good hand-me-downs? Do you thrive on busy-ness?


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august clothing budget

august clothing budget

I didn't really have a plan for my August shoppping and just ended up with three pieces that I knew I'd get lots of use from and which were all really good deals. 

1) The sweater is Vince and is selling at Nordstrom online for $320 right now, but I bought it at Nordstrom Rack for $159. It's cuter on.  I'll probably only wear this, um, 5 days a week during the winter...

2) The white blouse pictured is not the exact one I got, but similar to the silk Theory blouse I got at the new St. Louis Premium Outlets Saks Off 5th store. It was marked down from $190 to $76, and with a sale and a Living Social $20 for $40 deal, I ended up paying $6 in the store (plus the $20 to Living Social).

3) I saw these Lucky Brand boots on a sale rack while I was in Boulder and had been wanting some in this style. They were on sale for $60, and if you like them too, they're now only $30 on! (caution-no free returns at 6pm)

Total =  $245, over my budget of $200

I will admit, I am a little bored of only buying basics, but I swear, I am not seeing colors and prints that I love and I won't buy anything I don't love. Not to mention that every image I'm drawn to in magazines and on pinterest are black basics, accessorized really well. Good enough for me. 

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Here are my July, June, May, and April budgets.