There's one outfit that every girl wants to have just right - the one you wear on your wedding day. Since today is my three-year wedding anniversary, I thought I'd show you mine.

We wanted a wedding that felt true to us and we really didn't want to spend a lot of money - in fact, our budget was $3000 for everything. We did go a little over, but were really happy with everything about the day. (BTW, we had Pappy's barbeque for dinner, which is why there's a photo of my wearing multiple bibs) For both of the reasons above, we got married in our backyard, so clearly a ballgown was not appropriate. I also really did want one I could wear again (although, sadly, I haven't!) I was considering non-white dresses, but in the end went with this short one from Laila Azhar that I bought online at Saks. It was actually pretty expensive in proportion to the budget, about $400, and the Rachel Rachel Roy shoes were around $100. I made my fascinator-ish hairpiece from supplies I bought at Hobby Lobby and bought my earrings on Etsy. Maybe anything would have felt great on that day, since I was so happy and we were surrounded by so much love, but this outfit absolutely made me feel amazing.

Hence, best outfit ever.