I'm not getting my hopes up that it will last, but the recent break from the cold has been much appreciated. A simple walk around the neighborhood feels like the most incredible, amazing experience in contrast to what came before. 

I was finally able to get outside to take some photos! Last weekend, I flew to Atlanta to hang out with both of my sisters (travel post coming soon) and I picked up this necklace at Zara. I'm in love with it - just the thing to pair with an otherwise simple outfit.

zara diamante and cord necklace

My simple outfit consisted of the Diane von Furstenberg Hanky blouse that I recently snagged on eBay, my maternity jeans, and my well-worn Steve Madden Intyce boots.

mindful closet st. louis personal stylist

Bruiser even got in on the action.

mindful closet st. louis personal stylist

Just so amazing to feel fresh air without 17 layers in between said air and my skin. That is all.